Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Religious "Free"dom.....

Re: these goofy “Religious Freedom laws:

In 1974 I had a job as the roadie for the Dubrovnik City Orchaestra.   
Loading and unloading the bus, basically.   

We traveled all over Yugoslavia doing shows.  It was then one country….now it is at least six: Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Bosnia, Herzigovnia, Yomamayaia, etc.  It was Yugo….the perfect, non-sectarian state devoted to the people.

Our musicians, drivers, and hangers-on were all over the map when it came to religion: Jews (duh…musicians), Catholics (Croatians), weird Protestants (Serbia), Muslims (Bosnia), atheists (Yugo was communist)….and probably Satanists, aka the alcoholics.

Our religious differences were on display each weekend: Catholics ate steak on Friday; Jews chowed on sausage on Saturday. Serbians were too hung over for church on Sunday, Muslims did all of the above, and the Communists were perfectly fine with playing in churches and temples (and we had a pet dog).

Picturing conflict between these groups:Sherman: Set the Wayback Machine for 1994.

Jews are being slaughtered everywhere.  Serbs are slaughtering Croats and Muslims….and of course, the Jews.  Croats are slaughtering Muslims and Serbs…and of course, the Jews.  The Muslims were slaughtering Croats and Serbians, and different flavors of fellow Muslims….and of course, the Jews. 

To picture conflict between these groups in 1974 would be like picturing future slaughter in Carmel amongst Volvo-driving All Saints School parents who own Golden Retrievers, Santa Catalina  Mercedes parents with Labradors, and RLS parents with Subarus and Labradoodles.

It still happened.Hundreds of thousands died.

Everyone on the bus is dead, save five Jews.

Hatred is like a lit cigarette in a gas factory…..

These Indiana and Arkansas fucks….in the words of Hunter Thompson….”Need to be stuffed in a goddam bottle, tossed in the ocean…….and floated out on the Japanese Current”.


Blogger James said...

I don't think any (or hardly any) Jews were killed in the wars of Yugoslavia dismemberment.
Can you list or name any?

Also there were A LOT of foreign mercenaries and advisers (particularly from NATO countries) which were playing a big role in the wars, though you wouldn't know it from the mainstream corporate (NATO country) media.

6:50 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Sooo, you're pointing out how terrible hatred which is based on a person's religious beliefs is, then you proceed to join the banter which which denigrates people for clarifying the legality of not behaving against their religious beliefs.
Like 97% of those voicing this attitude, I'll bet you're taking the stand based on who you've seen and heard taking this stand ~ NOT based on careful and critical thinking and analyzing all aspects the issue. With most, I believe it is more important not to cross the idelogical crowd

11:18 AM  

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