Thursday, August 24, 2006

Salmon Story, Part Five

In the continuing battle to expose the asswipes like Gino Pannisi of Royal Seafoods who sell farmed salmon as wild salmon......our grumblings finally got the attention of KPIX TV 5 in San Francisco. They sent a film crew down, and aired a clip last night.

The good news is that we also found a lab in Santa Cruz that will test samples of locally purchased fish. They can determine genetically which creek the salmon was spawned in, from Chile to Alaska.

Stay tuned as our Little Old Lady Patrol sallies forth to get samples from your favorite high-end beaneries...... "That salmon was delicious. Can I get a little piece of raw salmon for my kitty?"


Blogger conjon said...

That was badass, legit too. I wish they would let me carry it around by the gills when I did pick ups. I got a cheesy europe post if your not swamped. C

2:26 AM  

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