Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Reality check....

Oh, Peace! Love! Tie-Dye!

The sense of community!

Believe it or not, people actually complained to the Forest Service and the Volunteers about our humanitarian run up the mountain yesterday.

They accused us of looting.

How much meth do you have to be doing to be that paranoid to twist taking food to Rodrigo, and dropping off free cat and dog food into an evil mission to loot empty houses?

Oh.....maybe that is the point......no meth getting in!


Anyway, before my early morning check with Bear and Rod.....there are no new hotspots on the MODUS satellite pass anywhere. Just look at yesterday's or Sunday's images and change all the red to orange, and the orange to yellow.

More soon from Looter Central.


Blogger bigeyes said...

lol I have to delurk and give props after the last few posts ... I am a Big Sur lover and hope one day to immerse myself in that place permanently. But since my feverish obsession with the (necessary, ah yes, but still ...) fires eating away at my beloved sanctuary, I've also gotten to know something about the surrounding communities down there (Jamesburg, Cachagua) and I'm absolutely loving the local discourse. As a result, one of these days I'm going to get lost in the woods and find your little towns (outposts? ; ), just to put visuals to the wonderful dialogue I'm reading. (oh, don't worry ... I don't drive an SUV. I *do* drive a beemer, so don't pelt me with eggs ... she's a vintage 1987. : ) You've made me lol several times this a.m. (I've been reading along for the last few weeks, and have repeated some of your dialogue to friends I know who'd appreciate your take on things). You people are the real deal, tough as nails and salt of the earth - one of the reasons I'm so drawn to that part of CA. Many good wishes to you during this stressful time, and hope one day to meet you at your store to thank you for putting lots of spicy humor into your running dialogue on the human condition during the fires of 2008 ...

San Francisco

10:21 AM  
Blogger pendoodles said...

I'm elated to see the the hotspots dying down!

Also my kids inhertited my tie-dye.*snickers a laugh*

Yeah don't try to smuggle in that meth while looting the homes that are left. ROFL

I do wonder where is all their/neighbors paranoia coming from?

Maybe my trip to bring down dishes and household goods in the next week or so will be considered a harvest supply run? ROFL *don't bogard that joint my friend*

Haven't we all grown past those old days? *smiles*

10:36 AM  

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