Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fuck Joe The Plumber

Charles “Karel” Bouley, a weekend talker and fill-in on San Francisco's KGO has been fired.

He announced late Tuesday on his blog:

"And with a two minute phone call and one paragraph letter I have been fired from KGO. I’m told the engineer that made the mistake has been as well."

What was the mistake? A few days before the election, in his home studio while a board operator was supposed to have potted the audio down, but, unfortunately for him, he had not. Heard by thousands of Bay Area listeners were his remarks during an ABC News break about John McCain 's Everyman, Joe the Plumber.

"Fuck god damn Joe the god damn, mother-fucking PLUMBER! I want mother-fucking JOE THE PLUMBER dead."

While not exactly poetry, the expletives were unintended, but KGO fired his ass despite the Supreme Court is still pondering whether to permit such "fleeting expletives "on the airwaves.

After the audio was aired all over cable teevee for a week, the pressure was heavy on the Citadel-owned station still reeling after the Bernie Ward affair. Needless to say, Sean Hannity, and Billo Reilly made much of Karel's flamboyant gayness.

"Weekends are cheap and they were using a cheap engineer for my show," he said.

Karel blogs: "Yes, this is wrong. It is my responsibility but not my fault. I do my show remotely and have no on/off for my microphone. The engineer had two ways of stopping this, and had he not been in the bathroom he may have. Should I have gone off like this in my home studio? No, in a perfect world we realize all microphones are live, even if for 15 years they haven’t been. But as JOE SCARBOROUGH drops the F-bomb and lives, as many other KGO host(s) have and survived on air... one wonders if there’s more."

So what does a fired talk jock do after he's fired spectacularly? He blogs, podcasts, and fills in for other radio host. “A girl’s gotta eat,” he says.


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