Thursday, February 26, 2009

Politics is an Elephant....

Said the Republican.

Take a dozen blindfolded wise men and set them to examine an elephant.

"It is strong and huge and steady...." says Leg Man.

"It is small and whippy and elusive..." says Tail Man.

"It is soft and large and wide......" says Ear Man.

"It stole my lunch!" says Trunk Man......

No one believes me that I am a Republican.

I know.....I am a registered Democrat. You could look it up.

In my heart, though.....I still Like Ike.

Unfortunately, there are no more Republicans under the age of 80 that I want to talk to.

I must point out, however......while Dianne Feinstein contiunes to prove herself to be the Whore of Babylon (and the human embodiment of the reason why working class people continue to vote Republican against their own interests)......

Abel Maldonado has stepped up to the plate and hit a Bi-partisan home run.

Abel Maldonado is your Republican State Senator if you live anywhere near me. Abel is from San Luis....and works his roots heritage thing, while flying around in jets with his buddies.

Abel is a client...and a sweet, smart guy who has one of the two smartest political operatives in California working as his right hand man. Possibly one of the top ten smartest operatives in the country. And the kid's name is Brendan, and his mom lives next to Prince's Camp. I once wrote that she lives in Prince's Camp....and she accosted me at my mailbox in her Mercedes to correct my geography. She lives across Nason Road from Prince's Camp, you see.

I hate most of Abel's politics.

Abel's campaign ads for the last election cycle bragged about the new increased funding for education in his district.....when the legislation was passed over his dead body and strenuous objections.

I have heard Abel mouth the most offensive Republican party-line talking points imaginable at fundraisers. But......dummies like Sheriff Kanalakis were in the crowd.

I magically used to become a good Catholic when my Irish Grandma was in the room as well......

Abel....or more likely, Brendan....paid for the campaign of a Green Party dweeb to run against both Abel and Peg Pinard in the previous election cycle save one. A local electrician was given cash in a bag to file and run.....and only later discovered the source of the funds. The kid tried to back out of the deal, and even campaigned for Peg Pinard. The kid got 2800 votes.....Abel won by 2400 votes.

You can either be all pissed off....or admire brilliant manipulation of the established rules.

Meanwhile....this time around Abel (and Brendan) had so trounced the oppostion that there wasn't any. No Democrat bothered to file.

I will point out that I personally observed a second sack of cash for a backup Green Party guy.....but it wasn't needed.

In a Gilbert and Sullivan Opera style move....Abel Maldonado, Republican Senator from our district....almost secured the Democratic nomination as well as the Republican.

Abel told the media that he wanted both parties' nominations so his hard-core Democrat mom could vote for him in good conscience.

This is such an elegant Fuck You to our local Democrats that you have to love it......

Personally....I want smart people to represent me, almost independent of the politics. I have not been wild about Abel's politics....but he is no dummy. I was not wild about Clinton, either.....but his stupidities were limited to chicks with big hair......

We won't talk about NAFTA right now.

I want a guy who can work the system, and is possibly thinking about me.....

I probably feel like all the thousands of Republicans that have been voting for Sam Farr for the last 20 years......We need a good man first, then we talk about politics. This is why I have been a life long Gerry Brown fan.

Abel Maldonado and Gerry Brown? I need a shrink. Maybe Noam Chomsky can help.

Anyway....Abel Maldonado was the guy who crossed party lines last week to finally pass a budget in California that might possibly some day address our problem of too little income and too much expense.

All the other Republicans were too chickenshit and too afraid of the State Republican Party to do the right thing.

Abel could run as a Democrat in our district and still win........Fuck the Republicans.

The Republicans were all saying that Abel had signed his politcal death warrant by crossing party lines.

I don't this point I like Abel a whole lot more than DiFi for Governor......

What I am waiting for is for the other best political operative in California.....Vinz Koller, from the Monterey Democrats..... to cross swords with Abel's Brendan K.

Or, hook up and join forces.....

No, that would be too weird.

We might get something done.......


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