Sunday, April 03, 2005

Euro Class

So the Cypress Point kids turned out not to be snotty young Republicans at all.....a breath of fresh air! We were running scared all day....two high end dinner parties on Brendan's last weekend. Simultaneous starts, of course. And Anna, my queen-bee prepper and number one production hors d'ouevres person flailed at the last moment. Three yo-yos from UC Santa Cruz turned into two yo-yos from Santa Cruz.......

The kids turned out to be B-School students at Stanford, Columbia, Oxford, and the Madrid Opus Dei school that was in the news because the late Pope was so down with them. Not a soul was there at the 6pm start. Normally, Cypress people ring the doorbell as the second hand sweeps the 12........By 7pm we had eight guests. Wow. Then, the Europeans started to show......ate everything and drank everything in the house. No questions, no complaints....A dream.

We even broke long tradition and served pupus on skewers. Normally, our older guests stab themselves in the soft palate with the point. Our hottie 15 year old prepper/passer/cowgirl Rachelle started out with a tray of satés.....I said: Rachelle.....tell them to eat them like a corn cob, not like a dick! She did....and they did. We used the host's gas powered weber, and the Spanish kids just ran it themselves......

We served hangers, as per previous entry. I make my own tiny english muffins....Greasy D (White Diamond, Orange, New Jersey) style. It is still too challenging for normal social types..... My Europeans inhaled everything....knew all about hangers. Knew all about our tamarind/mole.....Identified the shiitakes......Stripped off the capper half muffin (we were trying to make a hamburger joke....and told the girls to just send things out open faced. For the first time in recorded history in Pebble Beach, I had to call for more food at 9:30pm. Anna, guilt driven Latina that she is....showed up at 9pm from her other gig, just in time. We copped all the hors d'oeuvres from Brendan's party, and all the filet tails......

The epiphany came at about 10:30. I was the only oyster shucker on the crew......So, running the party, running the grill, shucking the oysters. We have a dish (Oysters Laura England) with a Malpeque oyster shucked on the shell, an arugula leaf underneath, porcini cream over top, with Asiago on that...under the broiler. Passed on a big tray on the oyster tops......Big favorite with the Euro ladies.....Normally I can barely sell them to the folks too afraid of a social faux pas to even try to eat them. This one Stanford chick comes up and demands my cell phone. I say ''Sure....'' She punches away on my phone, hands it back to me and says: ''When the next tray of those oysters are ready, punch the green button!'' She IM'd herself from my phone! Sure enough, she was downstairs when the tray came out of the oven....I hit the button, and she was THERE! This is outside of my normal experience.....I must be getting old.


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