Wednesday, July 13, 2005

La Revancha

La Revancha was this great restaurant in Salinas for a while. It opened on Soledad Street in the old China/Japan Town, now degraded to Crack-and-Ho Town. The recently dumped wife of the proprietor of a mainstay Mexican restaurant (Rosie’s Armory Café) moved, quite poetically, with her divorce settlement to the red light district with all the staff, recipes and expertise. Yup, her name was Rosie. Oh, Revancha is Spanish for Revenge.

Both places faded fairly quickly. I don’t think she cared……

While we are on the subject of foreign languages, one of my all time favorite French expressions translates roughly as: “Revenge is a meal which is best eaten cold…….and with the HANDS!!! (Strangling movement included).

So, now with our obligatory food-related mention taken care of…….let us move to the Bush Administration….and the resulting destruction of all appetites....except possibly that strangling one.

Wait… more food related issue: I am an Irish person. Consequently I have always had an overdeveloped interest in that lump of damp grass and cow turds adrift in the Gulf Stream. One hundred and sixty years ago, poor planning, genetic weirdness on all sides (botanical and human), corporate rapine, and general abject corrupt greed and racism conspired to starve a couple million Irish people to death. The proximate cause was a fungus that ate the potatoes. Potatoes were the officially prescribed food of the workers, so without them they ate grass and cow turds, died or emigrated. Little noticed, then or since, is the fact that the farms my starving potential ancestors (my people actually sat it out in townhouses in Dublin) worked were owned by British landlords who maintained a steady export supply of corn and beef the whole time the producers of the corn and beef were starving in droves. The world, lacking a Bob Geldoff of then…cared less.

Back to the Bush Administration, and the news of the day. Karl Rove is a lying, manipulative cocksucker. Wow. I am so shocked.

When Ambassador Wilson went to Africa to investigate the claim that a certain country had sold yellowcake (food reference??!!) uranium to Saddam Hussein, he found nothing. He wrote an unfortunate op-ed piece to the Times stating so…..just at the start of the run up to the whole Iraq WMD deal. Bad timing, Joe…..So, Karl Rove outed Joe's CIA undercover wife as routine Revancha. The same tactic has been played out against angry, dangerous radicals such as John McCain, Richard Clark, , Christie Whitman, Dan Rather….anyone who remotely crosses Lord Jesus GWB, and his band of profits. Oops, SpellCheck didn’t get that one…..prophets.

So picture my puzzlement today: tuned to the BBC to hear more about the mad PakiBombers in London. Friggin’ Jack Straw, of all people…in the midst of the PakiBomber craze…..the Brit Foreign Secretary is on the air pleading for the major donors to rally round and save the 3+ million people in danger of imminent starvation, 800,000 of them children. The country where these fine people are starving? Ethiopia? No. Darfour? No. Rwanda? No.

Fucking Niger…..late of the yellowcake uranium, that they did NOT sell to Saddam. Somehow the major donors have lost sight of their particular agricultural predicament……and flailed on the funding. In Niger, their only natural resource is the yellowcake…..and their failure to NOT sell the stuff to Saddam to properly justify our invasion of that outfit must weigh heavily on their minds. Also, the government has failed to sign up for the ‘Just Say No’ version of family planning pushed by Lord Jesus GWB….(Wait, if you are a Republican, and concerned with mores, and social values….should it not be “Just Say No…. Thank You”?). The Nigerians are profligate condom distributors…..the bastards. Let them starve.

So, in summary: Should we be surprised that The Administration that will casually fuck over the very Intelligence organizations that they need desperately to give them information they can ignore….and fuck them over for trifling political misdeeds…..could also casually fuck over an entire generation of poor black people in a country that also failed them in their rabid pursuit of a fiction that will gratify their insatiable egos?


In Ireland the deaths of three million people, and the emigration of another three, changed America and the world. It ranks as one of the great crimes or tragedies of all time.

Niger? They can’t emigrate. There is no grass to eat, or they would have. And no turds....the cows are dead. Besides, they are Niggers. Fuck ‘em. They have nothing we need.

If you need any other proof that our civilization is howling down the toilet bowl….this is it. For this crime alone GWB is damned to an eternity in the lowest bowels of hell, surrounded by the mewling of starving children. The cost of a month’s worth of Iraq could solve the entire Niger problem. Forever.

And Geldoff? Send a fucking check, mate. After you pay your PR people, of course.

And if you want a closer relationship to La Revancha, and the Bush government.....just Google "Niger starvation"......the website that comes up......Aljazeera. BBC is in there, too. The attorney general ain't watching the BBC logs, though.

Thanks, guys......and "Howya doing, Alberto?"


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