Friday, July 22, 2005

Would you exchange.......

"Would you exchange......
A walk-on part in The War....
For a Lead Role....
In The Cage......?"

Can you tell I just got my bootleg copy of the Pink Floyd part of Live8.? We tried to buy it legally....but all they had was Sir-up Paul and 99 Bottles of Jude on the Wall. Four minutes after my successful Paypal purchase of the DVD from a high school kid in New Jersey, ebay shut us down. The kid was non-plussed. RIAA, bring it. And, for my part, I would have purchased it legally....but of course it was not available.

Still, the question seems appropriate. Not one soul has picked up on the Niger tragedy. Poor Jack Straw (the Brit white-guy version of Condoleeza) is all about it...all by himself. Well, he has me.

It seems that the last three weeks have seen ten times the money of the previous few months. A few fotos of starving babes have appeared on the TeeVee. Hard to compete with discomfitted commuters in London.

Granted: 55 or so innocents died in London. However, with three MILLION at risk in Niger, a sophomoric understanding of statistics tells us that perhaps the same fifty are dying there each HOUR. But, of course, they are black, poor and far from TeeVee cameras, for the most part.

So...would you exchange a walk-on part in the war.....for a lead role in the cage?

I am asking you to please call your Representative and Senators. Ask the staffer who answers: "Do you think there is any connection between Karl Rove and the starvation in Niger (NEEE-Cher). What has the Senator/Representative done to alleviate the starvation there?" That is it. It will cost you a nickel, and a minute. Please note that Working Assets phone company pays for all calls to elected officials Plus, they give you ice cream.

Barbara Boxer 202-224-3553
Dianne Feinstein 202-224-3841
Sam Farr 202-225-2861

If these are not your guys...who cares? Use the 93924 zip code when they ask, and good luck. If you actually know the phone number of your real guy...more the better. Phone calls are worth ten emails...they have to have staffers with a brain on phones.

Finally.....Should you choose to do some little thing: I will match you three to one, wages to donation, to Medicins Sans Frontieres. Send me an email, give me an hour...and I will send them three. These poor bastards are the only ones on the ground in Niger. Right now they are moving from being able to give food to the merely almost dead to the normal almost starving to death, based on their increased donations. They have saved a few thousand people. This is one tenth of a percent of the people at risk! We will be busy this month....I would love to send them a grand or so, which would be less than 40 of our hours. Frankly, though, I think a phone call would be worth more than an hour's work...but that is just me.


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