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pred·a·tor ( P ) Pronunciation Key (prd-tr, -tôr)n. An organism that lives by preying on other organisms. One that victimizes, plunders, or destroys, especially for one's own gain. [Latin praedtor, pillager, from praedr, to plunder. See predatory.]

A good, liberal, feminist friend sent me and few dozen other friends a new search website: Find the Sex Offenders near your house (powered by Google):

Reply to All:

Re: Family Watch website.

I tried the website, and it showed no sex offenders near me. This was both ironic and I employ a registered sex offender who lives two miles down the road. His crime was playing doctor, as near as we can tell. His victim was the person who called me and asked me to hire him. He spent 10 years in prison (he is now 28). He has been basically destroyed by the experience, but what remains is the calmest, sweetest, steadiest guy I know. I would have bet that he had spent ten years at Tassajara in the monastery, not in one of the worst prisons in the country. He has friendly, avuncular relationships with the girls that work for me.....and their parents are among his friends and fans as well.

Every few months some local person runs across his name on the Megan's Law website, and there is a brief and painful flurry of hysteria. The latest in a series of vengeful moms stopped patronizing our store because of his presence a few months ago. Last week, we had to go up to her house to pick up her kids (10 and 12 year old girls) because they were hysterical. Mom had climbed out the window to go have sex with a local methamphetamine dealer and left them alone. My guy made the girls pizzas while we tracked down their Dad at work. Family values.

My sexual offender employee is one of the truly good people I know....I would trust him with my business, my money, my kids, my life......

I am aware of the notion that there is a high rate of recidivism amongst certain kinds of sexual predators. There are sensational and tragic examples in the tabloids and on Fox News. Just be aware that not all those listed as sexual offenders are predators......and in the current climate it is nearly impossible for even the truly repentant, who have paid the full measure asked by society for their crime, and been forgiven by their victims, to live anything like a normal life.


Michael Jones

Then, Gene Shalit calls the gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain ''predatory:"

Today Show at NBC:

Dear Sir or Madam:

I was offended by Gene Shalit's characterization of one of the characters in Brokeback Mountain as a sexual predator.....apparently just because he was pursuing a homosexual relationship.

I am not gay, but was offended all the same. It was like watching a reviewer of a movie characterizing an African American character pursuing a relationship with a white woman as a sexual predator. Or of an aggressive female character as probably lesbian, and probably predatory. Grotesquely offensive. And dated!

Is this the Alabama of fifty years ago? Is this pandering to the Fundamentalist Right? Has NBC gone the way of Fox? Have we not progressed as a nation?

Almost worse than the blatant sexism of Mr. Shalit's comment is the fact that he completely missed the boat in even his artistic criticism of the movie. He missed the plot and character points that drive the film because he was apparently blinded by his own homophobia. What other grotesque prejudices does Mr. Shalit bring to the table? And how ironic is it that his homophobic rant plays the same week as a study showing that homophobes are the population most stimulated by exposure to homosexual images?

In the Today time slot, I much prefer our local (ironically Fox) outlet: Good Day LA in Los Angeles. They bring a frank, humorous, intelligent and even ironic view to matters such as these. Now I know why I like them.....this NEVER would have happened at their station. When deciding on a morning show with my coffee, I certainly doubt I will spend much time with Today henceforth.....and certainly not a second with Mr. Shalit. I will also let your advertisers know my feelings.

Dan Rather got the bounce for technical failing on his part. Gene Shalit's failings are technical, moral and artistic. Gene Shalit should first: apologize; second: resign. Failing that he should at least be suspended, if not fired.

Who needs this? Are you telling us there are no better film critics out there? Oh, crap! They are probably gay!

Michael Jones
Carmel Valley, CA 93924

Finally, Ford Motor Company reaffirms its comfortable relationship with gay and lesbian media, in the face of a boycott by the Christian Right.

Bill Ford
Ford Motor Company

Dear Mr. Ford:

It is with some relief that I read that Ford has apparently not caved in to pressure from the American Family Association to modify Ford's relationship with the gay and lesbian community.

I am a heterosexual business owner with a fleet of cars and trucks. I find the tactics of the American Family Association to be predatory, offensive and un-American. My business would sink in a minute if I did not work hard at being completely inclusionary.....I need all the customers I can get! It is none of my business what they do at home, what color their skins are, or how they feel about Christmas. I just want them to appreciate my hard work enough to send me some business.

We do not need anymore hatred than we already have. We need understanding and patience. Thank you for standing with those of us who seek such things.

I already drive a Jaguar and I love it. My newest van is a first. I promise that your support.....forget support.....your simple refusal to cave in to the politics of hatred will figure extremely importantly in my decision as to which vehicle to purchase next.

Michael Jones
A Moveable Feast
Carmel Valley, CA 93924

Jesus......I am turning into that weird old lady with all the cats: writing letters to people who could give a shit.

Not to mention that, promises to Bill Ford notwithstanding: in Cachagua, FORD stands for "Fuckin' Okies Really Dig 'em"..........


Blogger fivebartons said...

And yet its a free country. Gene Shallit has the right to say what he wishes in his critique. Its amazing to me that the Gay/Lesbian alliance loves their freedom of speech yet pounces on someone that doesn't agree with them. This movie isn't nearly as popular as GLAAD is thinking it is. I know many many people that dont' want to see two men together!

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