Thursday, December 28, 2006

It's OK to Eat Cloned Meat....and We're Killing Sadaam on Sunday.....

Strange days......Did someone put LSD in the water cooler?

Not my water.....Fox News' water cooler. And in The White House water cooler.

Is irony really dead?

The MSM finally noticed that we have been feeding cows to cows, and this is bad. And the MSM finally noticed that BSE in cows, and Jakob-Kreutzfeld in people, occurs naturally about one in a million times. (Richard Rhodes pointed this out in 1997 in his book about BSE, "Deadly Feasts". If you are tired of being scared of terrorists, read the book.....and be afraid of: sheep, lamb, deer, beef, minks, hospitals.....and especially the USDA). the math: There are 300 million of us in the US. There should be three hundred cases of JK. There are about 30 million cows slaughtered each year in the US. Thirty of them should have BSE......Plus the people (and cows) that eat the meat (fifteen tons) of the BSE cows have a strong likelyhood of developing BSE. Every year.

So....where are the cases?

A long incubation period for the disease is one issue: that BSE burger you had at 4th of July picnic in Telluride 1976 is just now starting to fuck with your brain organization (and you thought it was the LSD they put in the watermelon!!!).

Poor reporting and misdiagnosis are others. "Grandpa is whacky as hell! Must be the Alzheimer's.....or all the Grey Goose and LSD....."

I'm sure our government wouldn't be suppressing meat industry related statstics and science in any way.

The government is here to help us, after all. Look what they're doing for your suntan.

So.....dig in to your cloned burger, Junior. Mmmmm. There couldn't POSSIBLY be a problem.

And why does Sadaam's goodbye letter...... and Achmed "I-Am-A-Dinner-jacket" from Iran's letters....... sound more calm and Christian than our own Christians, even at Christmas? "I call on you not to hate, because hatred does not leave a space for a person to be fair....."

I am no big fan of that murderous, insane bastard.....but do the math again: We brutally slay a brutal murderer ......on the eve of a big Muslim holy day, Eid ul-Fir. This makes us......better in some way?

Eid is the end of Ramadan....and the occasion for the haj, the big pilgrimage to Mecca....where three million Muslims will gather next week. Eid "is a time to come together as a community and to renew friendship and family ties. This is a time for peace for all Muslims in the world to devote to prayers and mutual well-being........"

So....the US kills a Muslim leader to renew friendship and family ties in the Muslim world. OK, now it makes sense.

I am sure it will play well in Mecca next week.

What could possibly go wrong?

In Sadaam's honor....and in honor of the LSD in the water coolers there at Fox and Washington....I give you another quote, this time from John Lennon (A Spaniard in The Works, 1964):

Good Dog Nigel

Arf, Arf, he goes, a merry sight,

Our little hairy friend,

Arf, Arf, upon the lampost bright

Arfing round the bend.

Nice dog! Goo boy,

Waggie tail and beg,

Clever Nigel, jump for joy


Happy Eid.....


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