Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Season to be.........oh, yeah. Jolly.

Trying to not be the Humbug....

Monday Night Dinner: a table of three. We have a ton (literally) of organic I made an adaptation of the old French Onion Soup deal. Lotsa leeks and carmelized onions. A good crouton with Grana cheese, blasted with the torch: have a nice day. I also did a cioppino-ish dish: the remnant heirloom tomatoes, leeks!!!, wild salmon, prawns, cannellini beans, kale, lotsa olive oil....and called it Salmon and Prawn Cassoulet.

The table of three ordered the French Onion and Leek Soup without onions.......and the Salmon and Prawn Cassoulet without salmon.

Fuck me......

703 area code......googled to a defense contractor.

No wonder we are fucked in Iraq.


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