Saturday, April 05, 2008

Phil Butler Post

For some reason I just got a bunch of questions through the blog about the Phil Butler post about John McCain.

Can it be disseminated?


Phil is in town, in the phone book, active, up and ready.

If anyone has a hook with the MSM or the or call someone.


Phil is a quiet, thoughtful, kind, serious....hierarchal, chain of command sort of guy. Face it, he was an officer. He was the ranking officer at the Hanoi Hilton. He and I only clashed on my utter rejection of authority in any problems there! We were trying to revisit the Carmel Beach/Arlington thing and the Veterans for Peace guys wanted actual permission from the City of Carmel before proceeding.

Meanwhile....the guy is a beauty. The moral authority of a man who spent more than eight years in prison is tough to get around.

And this guy does not like McCain?


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