Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Job opening.....Declaration

Uh.....I just read that Hillary Clinton is "open to" the Vice Presidency..

I want to make it perfectly clear to all and sundry.......

On a day when Mark Hughes has been chosen Manager of Manchester City......when Ronaldinho is confirmed to be moving to the same Man City.....

The world needs some stability.

I, Michael Howard Jones.....Hereby declaare: I am open to the position of Attacking Midfielder for Real Sociedad.

Some would say that my over dependence of my dominant right foot would disqualify me from contention. I say to you.....who better to work with his back to the goal....... on the left side of the field?

Age....I am only 58. I am applying for the position of midfielder on a Second Division team in Spain.... John McCain is applying for Manager of the United States....at 72.

And....I am completely familiar with every bar in San Sebastian.....What I may lose on the field, I will make up in the streets and the lavatories.

Finally....my grandpuppy is named for Xabi Alonzo. The orginal Xabi is from San Sebastian, and I have met his mom and drunk many bottles of wine in her local bar. Not to mention the wild mushroom surtido and the persebbe.

I feel that my long term association with Spanish soccer, and my fine sense of humor and knowledge of public houses in San Sebastian uniquely qualify me for the position of Attacking Mid-Fielder for Real Sociedad.

My agent awaits your replies.

Please contact Terry McCauliffe at the Hillary Clinton campaign.


Blogger Gabe Rosen said...

I'm going to shamelessly piggyback on this post to announce my candidacy for Secretary of Defense in the new Administration. After all, I led the Division II Intramural Touch Football League in sacks my sophomore year of college. Also, inspired by Hillary Clinton's sacrifice in Bosnia, I recently drank too much plum brandy and declared myself the inventor of the phonetic alphabet.

9:00 AM  

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