Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mud in yer eye.....

Every blogger in the world is now pointing out the irony of George Bush and John McSame thumping their bibles and hollering that invading sovereign states is so wrong in the new millenium.

Bush even put up our hapless U.N. ambassador......who used to be a decent say that invading sovereign states is Europe.

Georgia is European by grace of their oil pipeline and their interest in NATO membership.

Tbilisi, Georgia is closer to both Mosul in Iraq and Teheran in Iran that Cachagua is to LA.

Hey......Cachagua is interested in both secession AND NATO membership.

Listening to these Bush guys whine and moan about Russia invading Georgia is both hilarious and painful.

Painful because the President of Georgia speaks better English than the President of the United States......he apparently actually went to class.

Hilarious like when your buddy that has been fucking everything that moves, including his Ford pickup truck......gets all weepy when his wife runs off with the pool boy.

Painful because George Bush has over-extended and destroyed the effectiveness of our once fine armed forces to the point that we can't do shit. We have spent a trillion dollars bombing mud huts.

Our cuckolded buddy points to his enforcer: "Bubba will kick your ass!"

Bubba can't let go of the X-box, and couldn't get off the couch without a forklift. And the drool is really embarrassing.

Ronald Reagan stood in front of a few bus loads of losers in Berlin shipped in to witness him pontificating: "Mr. Gorbachev.....tear down this Wall!"

Reagan got away with it because the Soviets had come to the end of the road of a failed economic system that gutted the State and benefited only the few.....

I sincerely hope that Vladimir Putin.....the guy with the functioning economy, the natural resources, the cash on hand....... doesn't rub our nose too much in it.

Russians have a finely honed sense of irony.......

If no one else noticed.......Vlad just knocked John McCain's tractor hat off his head and went home with McCain's chick.

And....if you know anything about Eastern European wasn't some skanky ho from Miss Buffalo Chip in Sturges, ND.


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