Thursday, August 13, 2009

Swine Flu

Ummm.....I have been slayed by allergies for three days, flat on my back whenever possible.

And, since there is a God....and she has this awful sense of was on the day of our great Deep Carmel Valley Hike at Hastings.

Mark was always. I went home and slept for 14 hours.

Barely made it through today.

Almost walked from the job tonight. Busiest week of the year.

Poor me.

Then, I come home and talk to my friend....who has to drive to Camp Pendleton tomorrow at 5am for two suicide interventions, asked for by name.

Out in the ozone, when folks are grasping for straws...and actually want to stay here, my friend's name comes up.

His success rate is 50%.

I tried to tell him to think of baseball, not golf.

.500 in baseball puts you in the Hall of Fame.

"Yeah, but.....half of the guys.....


Trying to be the Tiger Woods of suicide.......


Catering looks easy...

And insignificant.

No....Catering IS easy.....

And insignificant.


Blogger kathy said...

Sorry you're feeling poorly Mikey! But you know, it's about damn time you lounged around for 14 hours straight! I'm sure the smoke isn't going to be very helpful either.

9:10 AM  
Blogger Marilyn in Cachagua said...

Hey Mike,

Sorry you are sick. We have been sick also which is why I haven't been by to pick up the files. One of our neighbors called me asking if anyone was shooting a rifle from your place on Friday. I told her I doubted anyone would be stupid enough to shoot toward the road, and was probably a poacher on the ranch.
Get well and hug Amanda for me...

7:34 AM  

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