Friday, February 19, 2010

Gobshite Mick comes back...

Just so's ya know....

Not just ranting about witches in Carmel....

Food at high levels is like sports....Guys move around, stars crash, unknown guys rise up.....old steady guys win and win....week after week.

We are Spain fans....and food geeks.

If you follow this blog or accidentally land here, you are about to get three straight weeks of Spain, Spain, Spain.

We use the internet to try to keep up with the haps. We know what people in Spain think about what is what...we read Spanish newspapers.

Here is my response to the number one foodie website's current situation. Proof positive that the recession is real....and only corporate carpetbaggers are loose in the world with enough cash to sustain us.

Sorry, folks....for me the worst part of the worldwide downturn of the last two years is the utter decay of eGullet, especially the Spain/Portugal forum.

Two years ago it was all about fights about the relative merits of new restaurants in Barca....and what was up with the common esthetic of Victor at Extebarre and Rafa in Roses. And was Mugaritz worthy, if Andoni is never there...and why does the mejordelagastronmia guy boycott Arzak?

Now it is all Bulli, all the time.

Can Roca finally gets their third star...and gets posts every other month.

No mention of Barca restaurants since Halloween.

No mention of what is up in Olot.

Just you fucking wankers whining about getting dissed at Bulli.

Those of us who used to check this forum, and who actually speak with chefs, waiters, wine guys...members of the Adria family....knew two years ago that Ferran is over it and was closing the place.


Because of you idiots.

How can you possibly imagine that El Bulli is all there is to Spain and Spanish cuisine?

Do you keep track of Ferran's ex-chefs, waiters and wine people?
No. Cuisine is like baseball or soccer. The politics, the staff is important. What is up with an ex-Bulli/Mugaritz guy moving to Madrid....and stealing the world's hottest wine steward? And what is up with a Mugaritz guy running the door at El Poblet?

And can anyone reading this thread tell me where to find an ex-Bulli, ex-Mugaritz guy who is chef at the Adria family restaurant? Where is the Adria family restaurant?

The reason that we all admire Ferran is that he has a true apostolic vision of food. But, unlike you whack-jobs, he has an appreciation for the context. Ferran Adria did not invent Spanish cuisine out of whole cloth. He is a product of it. He surfed the wave he helped create.


And, unlike most of his fans...Ferran is acutely aware of when star-power and celebrity kill all the joy....and the message is lost.
Dinners at Bulli used to be a sort of international, interstellar bonding experience, inspired by the art and science of food. Now it a bunch of assholes sitting at tables not talking and trying to figure out how to Twitter the experience and post photos to their FaceBook page without pissing anyone off..

Get a fucking clue.

Spend more time worrying about where Ferran was seen eating, than whether you can wish your way into one dinner party for fifty people who all think you are an asshole because your shoes suck.

Ferran was all about art, culture, science...amazing hard work and attention to detail....and magic.

No wonder he is pulling the plug.

Here is my favorite Adria dish of all time.

A soft sheep cheese from a Catalan farm of which only the Adria's know. Honey from some other obscure, amazing source. Melocoton with some booze.....Knockout conversation over the passing of the honey down the bar.

Served by an Adria chef....

Ferran was at a table in the back corner, with a bunch of cousins.....

Just so's ya know.

The great local part of my rant....

The chef at the REAL Adria restaurant is shown here.

Note the chef coat.......


Blogger kathy said...

Are the bikers known as Cate and Ben going to be in Barthalona exactly when you are?

That cheese and honey looks appropriate for breakfast lunch and dinner.

8:34 AM  
Blogger kathy said...

Oh and Antoni Gaudi is available for discussion in one of his building. Sort of hologram-ish like but it's real. He's come back from the dead.

8:35 AM  
Blogger Txacoli said...

Cate and Ben are going to Barca? And....Spain is nine countries: only the weirdos from Madrid south still lithp. They need a Hapsburg 12-step program. Barca is Catalan. BAR-SA!!

9:25 PM  
Blogger kathy said...

Yep, they're going neth month too. Ass them on Monday.

We had a guide for our twip to Morocco who was from Bartha. I guess he qualifwied as a weirdo.

9:28 PM  
Blogger Wolynski said...

A Polish chef called Jacek in California, who's into all things Spanish - did I get this right?


12:57 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

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9:55 PM  

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