Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blessings and Curses.....

Our friend Rachael Short was badly injured in a car crash in Big Sur on Halloween.

Much more to say about this later.....but:

Rachael is part of the crop of truly amazing kids that we older fuck-ups have accidentally grown....not that we had much to do with any of their success....except perhaps as a negative example.

Rachael is a gifted photographer.....Her injury, treatment and recovery is being shot by another gifted local young photographer.....Guru Khalsa.

Here is the link.

We have been working for photographers for nearly forty years now: Ansel, Jim Alinder, various Weston's, Tom Millae, Rod Dresser, Morley Baer, Doug Steakley etc.

Something about the Peninsula....maybe the water, maybe the light.....I am so encouraged by the new generation coming on to pick up the baton.....Rachael, Guru, Nic Coury, Kodiak Greenwood....

Reason enough to get up in the morning.....and do it all again.

We have a fundraiser for Rachael at The Store tomorrow at 1pm. You don't have to come.....but it is OK to send money.

Rachael Short
c/o Cachagua Store
18840 Cachagua Road
Carmel Valley, CA 93924


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