Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Rumors of our death......

......are just rumors.  We have been open continually since before the most recent fire.  We were even open when we were inside the mandatory evacuation area.  Sunday Brunch from10am, Monday Night Dinner from 6pm.  Same phone number: 831-659-1857...with the added convenience that it is now a cellphone, and you can text us with questions or reservations.

However......we have moved from Cachagua!  We are located at 13762 Center Street in Carmel Valley Village.....Lokal Restaurant.  Same menu, same longtime staff.....closer to town for those of you who tell me that Cachagua is too far to drive.

The sad part is that our local locals now have to drive to see us.  We orginally started as a local restaurant...a place for guys without girlfriends to get a meal or two a week that did not come from a microwave.  The guys (and girls) turned out to be farmers, gardeners, hunters and fisherfolk, so they pushed our menu into the adventurous shape that it is today.

Why did we move?  "The rent is too damn high!"  We were victims of our own success and longevity at The Store.  The rent kept climbing implacably to Carmel and Carmel Valley Village levels over our thirteen plus years, and the 75 year old building was becoming increasingly senile.  Our absentee landlord did not want to participate in repairs and maintenance, adjust our rent.....or even give us a new lease next year.  Nothing to be done.

We all look forward to seeing you at Lokal!  One of the brightest spots of our move is that Chef Brendan Jones from Lokal lives on the premises and once again you have the father-son combo working the hot side of the kitchen.  As much fun as you can have with your clothes on!


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