Thursday, December 01, 2016

Butterfly Wings....

I firmly believe in the "butterfly wing" aspect of chaos theory.....If a butterfly in Vietnam flaps its wings in a slightly different way, a tsunami hits Honolulu.
What is going on in your brain right now is also going on in the brains of all your friends, co-workers, family, people you bump into at Costco, Scott at the Chevron, etc.
If you live in super liberal Carmel and decide "fuck it, we're safe" and don't vote on 8 November because you are bitterly hungover from Monday Night will 250,000 other folks in Wisconsin. Hungover or not....Though....Wisconsin. Probably hungover.
It really is important to try to constantly use your decisions for good things....even when it is only slightly hard.
Get out of bed. Vote in your pajamas. There will be coffee at the polls.
This week is far and away the slowest week in local restaurant life. Post Thanksgiving....overstuffed and over socialized. Pre Christmas....Fuck, I have to buy presents for all these people I don't even like?
And...the start of the Christmas party season. I am told by a major social dynamo that this weekend is one of the two key weekends for Christmas parties. Because blah blah.
The guys on the Wharf are one is buying fish. The Farmers Market guys are could shoot a cannon through the market and not hit a single annoying Carmel lady.
The meat guys are depressed....our new driver is so stupid I actually was momentarily grateful that 55% of eligible voters did not vote on 8 November. Trump is bad enough....this guy would have voted for Pretty Colors and Hot Chicks.
Long story short.....go out to eat in a restaurant this weekend and week. Lunch. A couple of apps and a glass of wine. Brunch on Sunday.
I am not chasing ambulances here....we are busy because we are caterers on the "second best weekend" of the season....
Butterfly flaps, tsunami. Cocktails and apps in a local joint, healthy restaurants and social life the rest of the year.