Thursday, April 02, 2020

2 April menu

Menu 2 April

Boeuf Bourguignon $15 a quart
Lamb Curry $15/quart
Moroccan Lamb stew $12/quart                (gluten free)
Chile Verde $10/quart (mild, gluten free)
Roast half rosemary/garlic organic Mary’s chicken $6
Roast cashew crusted pork loin…..$10 for eight inch section approx. 2#
Chicken, cream, chanterelles, carrots, Calvados $6 per serving
Braised lamb shank $8 per serving
Coque au vin (Mary’s organic chicken) $12 per quart
Braised Wilson Ranch beef osso bucco $10 per serving
Grilled large (8-10 per pound) diver scallops $20 per pound (two is a serving)
OraKing fresh salmon $16 per pound. Nobu marinade if you want.
Localish black cod $18 per pound (four ounces is a serving. Nobu marinade if you want)
Manhattan style clam chowder $8 per quart
Cioppino $12 per quart
Amanda’s simple chicken soup (large pieces) $6 per quart
Cream of chicken and chanterelle soup $8 per quart
Amanda’s cold smoked salmon $10 for 200 grams (a lot)
Amanda's amazing kale salad with her sesame dressing $5
Mesquite grilled Black Angus tritip $25
Breakfast pack: 1# 88% butter, 1 dz Linda Ferrasci local eggs, half pound local chanterelles $20
Sides: black beans, brown basmati rice, wild rice, butter roasted Yukon gold potatoes, soba noodles, organic broccoli $1 each.

Folks: quart quantities are at least two servings. Or not, if you get enthusiastic. Most ingredients are local and organic. Containers are microwave safe.
Please order by text to 831-659-5100.
Or pick up at the Massa tasting room, 69 West Carmel Valley Road. If the red Liverpool flag is up, we are open in back. 
Delivery is available....on our schedule.
This is not a meal service. Assume that you are ordering for tomorrow or the next day.
Thank you and be safe.