Friday, May 29, 2020


Because our jealous neighbors have pushed the issue, we are no longer allowed to publish our menus on-line.

We have never been a public place....we don't deal well with the general public. That's why we thrived at the General Store...the road deleted all the assholes. "It's too far.....It takes too long....The music is too loud....The waitresses are too young and too rude....They don't accommodate special diets....There were dogs/peacocks/roosters in the restaurant...."

All of that is true.
Dogs. Peacocks. Young badass girls, possibly already bitter about life. Slow service from the kitchen. Zero concern for "special" diets.

All of that is still true.

If you want to somehow participate further, text me your email at 831-659-5100.

This site will return to caustic, inappropriate commentary on food in our "modern" world.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Back in black....Menu for 28 May

Here is our private menu for the rest of today.....We will have a whole new menu tomorrow after noon when I return from the wharf and farmers market.

Wilson Ranch spring lamb Bo Kho stew (lemongrass, ginger, etc) $12

Mesquite grilled certified Angus tritip $25
Boeuf bourguignon (from tritip) $12

Chicken mole (Tepotzlan style, not sweet, no chocolate) $6
Mary's organic chicken curry (yellow) $10 for two servings
Garlic/rosemary roasted half Mary's chicken $7

Chile verde $10 per quart
Cashew/cumin/roast garlic crusted loin of pork $10 (about two pounds)

Cachagua Store roasted beet salad with coconut chevre and balsamic reduction $6
Amanda's kale salad with her amazing sesame dressing $5

Local rockfish in Nobu marinade $8
Ahi tuna steak with mango chutney (seared rare) with soba noodles $18 per pound (three servings)
Hawaiian style poke (ahi) with soba noodles, seaweed salad and spicy cuttlefish $8

Carl and Charlotte Muia olive oil cake with Valrhona white chocolate crema inglese and strawberry rhubarb compot $4

Fred Minnazoli Brooks cherries (red) $6 per quart

Please text your orders to 831-659-5100
Orders can be picked up at the Massa tasting room at 69 West Carmel Valley Road

Delivery is possible on the Peninsula on Saturday's and in Santa Cruz area on Sunday.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

New news....Late on Wednesday ....

We survived a failed attempt to shut us down by a jealous "competitor".
It was a stressful day....we donated all our food to the Mission.
I will have a new menu up and running tomorrow morning.
Thank you for your patience and understanding!
Locals rule!


Friends: We are at long last officially moving to our new digs! After two and a half beautiful years at Douglas Ranch we are returning to our original Carmel Valley kitchen.

It will take a few days to complete the paperwork, and I am sure there will be a socially distanced, appropriately healthy open house in the new future.

See you soon!

Michael, Amanda and Juan