Friday, April 16, 2021

Morton and Dylan's Birthday!

Sunny skies this weekend to celebrate another trip around the sun for two of our best (and most ironic)...
even though or house was 53 degrees inside at noon yesterday. And yes, we had a fire in the woodstove.
Justine Powell posted a gorgeous photo of our heirloom tomato caprese salad from five years ago this weekend. Samuel from Pinnacle tells me that it will be June before we see the first decent tomatoes.
Esther Vasquez is back with our favorite, non-cult strawberries, though. And Rhonda Violini asparagus is peak.
We also just brined more than a dozen Little Bear sized pork chops for taking home as is or for us to roast on the mesquite.

And really nice black cod and local rockfish just arrived, with lots and lots of OraKing salmon.
The garden is open for brunch and lunch Saturday and Sunday in the sun. Sunday we look forward to the dulcet sounds of Rick Chelew and daughter (!) after 1pm
We are back in the kitchen, and for pickup and delivery.
Give us some notice....but it is OK to just call up and see what we have.
We are happy to deliver anywhere in the Village....even just a quart of soup or an order of brussels sprouts. The lockdown is suspended for now, but it is still wise to stay at home whenever you can.
Famous Fandangos: asiago/scallion bruschette $6
Kim Bap: Korean vegan sushi from Han Kook Market $5
Vichysoisse: (chilled cream/leek/potato soup) $6
Amanda's citrus/yoghurt salad (Brokaw farm organic cara cara and navel oranges, oro blanco grapefruit, Schoch raw yoghurt) $8 per pin. Sounds odd....really delicious.
Lokal style mac 'n cheese balls with Meyer lemon hollandaise $10
Massa Estate cheese platter: Schoch Farmstead cheeses, Pt Reyes blue, Rebecca's Garden Variety local feta; our cherry membrillo, Borba Farm beet gelee, lactic fermented carrots, red onion/black pepper compote, pineapple/fennel/rosemary relish $10

Violini Farm first asparagus! Mequite grilled with Rebecca's Garden Variety local feta, Melinda Friday poached egg, Meyer lemon $12
Roasted Borba Farm brussels sprouts with Nueske bacon and Han Kook Market kim chee $10

Cachagua Store Pear Salad with yuzu dressing, parsnip chips and Pt. Reyes blue cheese $10
Cachagua Store (Brendan) roasted baby beet salad with coconut chevre and balsamic reduction $12
Amanda's amazing kale salad with mushroom risotto cake $9

Amanda’s cold smoked North Coast salmon with capers and sweet onion $12
Ceviche of super fresh local rockfish (Bear’s limes, Meyer lemon, tangelo, cara cara, Oro Blanco grapefruit, etc $12

Little Bear style brined double pork chop with mango chutney and hibiscus/berry reduction $18
Mesquite grilled Mishima Ranch Wagyu sirloin with wild rice, roasted Yukon gold potatoes and Violini asparagus $18

Mesquite grilled California leg of lamb with garlic/mint reduction, Bhutanese red rice, roast Yukon gold potatoes and Violini asparagus $18 Double spring lamb chops persillade (parsley, mint, panko stuffing) with rice, potatoes, asparagus $20

Grilled Monterey Bay rockfish or OraKing salmon with wild rice, etc with tomato beurre blanc $12
Moroccan style California lamb stew with couscous $14
Tasmanian black Kampot pepper crusted black codw ith seaweed salad, soba noodles, spicy cuttlefish and Borba Farm green beans $12
with balsamic/soy reduction $14 Double duck: confit of Grimaud Farm Muscovy duck leg and sliced grilled breast. With wild rice and cassoulet $18

Roast Mary's half chicken with butter roasted Yukon gold and Violini asparagus $12

Carl Muia olive oil cake with Valrhona white chocolate crema inglese $6
Laurie Massa Kahlua cake with Valrhona crema inglese $6
Valrhona single source Araguani chocolate crema inglese with river and sea salts $10
Mesquite grilled whole Mishima Ranch Wagyu sirloin (approx 1.5-2.5# ea) $12 per pound
Half garlic/rosemary roasted chicken $7
OraKing fresh salmon $18 per pound)
Amanda's kale dressing $6.50 for 8oz
Yuzu dressing $6.50 Muia EVOO $12 for 250ml
Melinda Friday eggs $7
Corralitos sausages (coarse grind kobasica, andouille, linguica, German) $3 each

Vasquez Ranch organic strawberries $6
Ceviche, pear salad, cheese platter, beet salad, pork belly served on our platters. Best for orders in the Village or close.
Text orders to 831-659-5100
Free delivery in Carmel Valley Village


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