Sunday, February 13, 2022

Dina Syndrome

Dina Ruiz syndrome tonight: where the man in the power couple tells me "no more wine for her".
At cocktails.
Before the Echezaux, the Montrose and the Yquem.
I don't serve drunks, but I do serve funny, irreverant, ironic women who raise the level of discourse.
I mean....I live with Amanda! You want to hear truth? Buy her a large sake, and pucker up.
Amanda and Liz have this look they get when the menfolk talk over them and ignore them.
It is not pretty.
We call it Dina Ruiz Syndrome from a small dinner party we did back in the day.
Clint and Dina, the Pine Cone couple, our intellectual Republican hosts, and a few grindingly boring folks.
Dina was fun. She may have even danced around spontaneously at cocktails.
When the table of eight sat and I started serving the first wine, Clint put his hand over Dina's glass.
Fuck you, buddy. What gives you the right? You are a guest in someone's house, and being served by a professional.
Oh, your wife's behavior makes you uncomfortable, and so you want to shame her in this small, powerful group?
One nice thing about being a waiter, sommelier, bartender, etc is that we represent the bedrock of human interaction. You need to eat, you like to drink? Well, asshole there are rules we have worked out over a few thousand years.
Be nice, be civil, respect each other enjoy, each other's company, wit and wisdom.
You might learn something.
And fuck a whole lotta "Don't serve my wife".
Y'all are lucky she bothers to talk to you..

Friday, February 11, 2022

Wuv, twoo wuv.....

Reposting this romantic story from 2005in time for Valentine's Day. Hope it works! Otherwise just search the blog for "Runaway"