Friday, March 07, 2008

Lord....hear my song....

I spent the week with my head under my pillow.

As some wise soul said: "The worst part of being being RIGHT!"

Probably George Orwell.

I talked about how Barack was going to be fucked by The Machine......Sure enough.


I got a letter today from my friends at the Hermitage of the Camaldolese down in Big Sur, Father Raniero. These are Catholic monks who follow a contemplative regime....make fruitcakes....and do data entry to pay the bills.

The local Camaldoli are just above Point 16 in Big Sam Farr's place. It is a magic spot: I got married there once, and my restaurant godfather Bill Brown is buried there.

Their "hive", or orginal locus, is in the hills above the source of the Arno river in the Costentino, above the stupidly gorgeous town of Poppi. Not far from St. Francis' final retreat at La Verna.

Fuck Assisi, by the way. St. Francis of Assisi? No. If you want to understand St. spend the early morning in Bevagna with the bluebirds, and drive to La Verna.

In Assisi, you can actually buy a tractor hat with plastic bluebird shit on it as a souvenir of your spiritual visitation. Sweet.

In one of my more obscure reference books I have a great description of Edith Wharton's (Ethan Frome?) trip to Camaldoli and La Verna in a Stutz Bearcat. She was depressed, you see. The trip to La Verna involved all of the monks getting out and winching the Stutz up the mountain, over the granite cliffs so that Edith could experience the Full Francis.

When Carolynn and I visited the Cosentino it was not a lot different. A storm was brewing, and as we climbed the mountain, the road got smaller and darker. There was lightning. There were wild boar in the road.....and there is something scarier about zillion year old wild boar in the mountains of Italy than Cachagua wild boar. They stood in the road and just growled at us.

There were stags. Not deer....fucking STAGS! Giant racks of giant antlers glaring down at our Fiat Punto. Tree limbs were falling. Goddamm boars and stags.

We finally got to Camaldoli and ran inside under a thunderous downpour. The power was out, of the whole spooky place was lit by torches. We went to mass, sung in the thousand year old church by torchlight, a cappella in a three thousand year old language. We met Brother Tom....who was from Big Sur. He sold us some crap from the gift shop. My brain can still not quite wrap around that night.....

And La Verna was another 20 kilometers up the hill!

Edith Wharton was a baller......

Anyway, Father Raniero's letter talks about Lent...the season of denial. "Those who wish to be my disciples must deny themselves, take up their cross, and follow me....." We must first seek to be his disciples in all that we say and do, especially the way we treat everyone that we meet. We must see Christ in everyone....."

As monks of the New Camoldoli Hermitage we send you this Lenten letter as a reminder of our vow of stability in a busy world in order that we may honor you and support you in your journey......"

I am the least religious guy you will ever meet....but there is something sweet about Raniero and his monks......And I have experienced first hand their connection to something straight out of Friday the Thirteenth......

Last night.....watching the tube, I was trying to hold tight Raniero's sweet feelings of self denial and support.

And Hillary Clinton came the Witch From Hell.

Hillary was attacking Obama as not being "ready to cross the threshold" of Commander in Chief.
Hillary allowed as how only she and John McCain have the experience to lead the troops. She leads....and has lead. Obama has only a speech he made once. were married to a guy who led the troops. So is Laura Bush. Should she be Commander in Chief?

Your foreign policy experience boils down to a trip to Kosovo with Sheryl Crow and Sinbad.

And you are telling people that John McCain is better able to be Commander in Chief than your rival, Barack Obama? Especially when Barack called the right side of the worst foreign policy decision in the history of the United States....and you blew it?

Deep breath..........

If you have had any experience with snakes......back in the day, people would kill them in the theory that that would make them safer. We know better now, but.......If you whack a snake and don't kill thrashes around and tries to strike at anything. It does not give a shit. It strikes and bites like a motherfucker.

Because it is being whacked by a tall guy with a shovel, the only thing it can bite is that writhing, annoying flesh in front of its face........


Hillary Clinton is attacking her own party, her own flesh and hope that she will somehow kill all of that which is killing her.

My friend Gabe Rosen (paparosen in blog talk) flew out to Ohio to try to do the work of The Lord. Well, not that Lord....but some Lord. He canvassed, he called, he walked.....he shelled out cash he could not afford, and did not try to bring some light to the World of Ohio.

The huge issue in Ohio was NAFTA. Bill Clinton sold out every American manufacturing and union job still left after the Reagan pogrom...... and decimated the entire center of America ten years ago.

Hillary came in as if.....unlike Monica Lewinsky...she had never sucked that particular dick.

She is, and always has been, a huge NAFTA supporter....but now it is not cool. Her staff leaked to the Canadians (despite all evidence to the contrary....part of North America, the NA part of NAFTA) that she was only kidding about attacking NAFTA in the Ohio primary......and then her staff leaked to the media that it was OBAMA who was just kidding.

And it worked. Americans are dumfucks. Ohio? family left there in 1866.......

In Texas....Hillary's people were completely outnumbered in the caucuses. Their published plan was to guilt trip the Obama people (there are so many of is only fair that you should let us be president and secretary of the precinct).

The resulting presidents and secretaries are responsible for reporting the caucus results.....and chose not to bring along sheet after sheet of Obama voters.

Rush Limbaugh encouraged all his people to cross lines in Texas and Ohio and vote for Hillary to continue the division in the Democratic Party.....and to support the Democratic candidate that all polls show cannot beat John McCain. In TWENTY Texas counties.....there were no recorded votes for any Republican.

In TWENTY Texas counties.....all the Republicans voted for Hillary. Every single one! And she still barely won the state. With all the Republicans voting for her........

Now the Mainstream Media talks about her resurgent campaign......and she identifies herself with John McCain. Anyone without an understanding of my contempt for this position need just search this blog for "Hillary".

Let me sum it up and save you the trouble: Fuck Hillary Clinton.

Obama continues to walk a positive line. As Raniero said....."a vow of stability in our busy world, in order to honor you and your intentions......"

Your intentions might be....a job, some work, a warm place to sleep, some food....the respect of your peers.........

Personally, I have had enough with politicians who are lying sacks of shit. Hillary Clinton and her people are....after yesterday, for anyone with access to modern media.....proven, lying, sacks of shit. Lie. Manipulate. Stick and move. Protect your people. Win at any cost.

I had this from Bush. I had this from Reagan. I had this from Daddy Bush. I had this from Nixon. Frankly, I had this from Bill Clinton.

I am revolted to have it from his wife.

Obama gave me a glimpse of a man and a movement with a connection to a higher power. Like Raneiro. I got all goosebumpy...

Two days ago.......prodded by Irish Catholic guilt...(thanks, Raniero).... and Jewish guilt (provided by my friend Bennie), I registered to run for local Democratic Central Committee member in my District. I just needed 20 signatures of registered Democrats.

Due today...... How hard could that be?

I have 20 employees that I get my politcal blood from.....and dozens of clients and blogfans.....and suppliers, and farmers and workers....

It was a bitch.

Most folks were not even registered. Most of the kids were registered Green, Libertarian, Peace and Freedom. They think that Democrats are irrelevant. But they love Obama.

Most of my suppliers were registered Republican.....but they all are voting for Obama. They just aren't Democrats. Everyone is voting for Obama, you see.......

Except the Democrats......

Once again.....I will go on record as saying that the real reason that America is so fucked up......dollar in the toilet, no housing, no healthcare, crumbling not because of the Republicans....but the Democrats. Everything you heard Rush Limbaugh say about them is true. The Old School Democrats could not put a carrot in a washtub. And they could definitely fuck up a wet dream.....every time. They fucked up so badly that Americans voted in THESE idiots.......and Hillary is riding in on the same paradigm.

I promise, if elected to the Central follow my younger constituents: if Hillary Clinton is nominated to be the Presidential Candidate, I will never in my life vote for another Democrat for any position.

Well.....any Democrat that supported Hillary.

Some girl got fired today for telling the Scots that "Hillary is a monster!".

I have her back.......

In eight years, with our economy in the dungeons....and three new Supreme Court justices chosen by John McCain....and your grand-daughter flying to Sweden to get contraceptive information or buying it from the present version of Marijuana Clubs......and 1984, the novel....seemingly like a summer me.

My son just returned from Prague....where he has been working as a film maker for the Communist Museum......He came home because he met all the people...the artists, writers, singers, cooks....who were crushed by end of the Prague Spring.....

When Hope died......when "Yes, We Can!" died.

The only question remains: How stupid are we Americans?

Lets go back to the Catholics.....St Ignatius Loyola. He thought at one point that his life's work was involved with the little bits that God forgot....and that annoyed Men.

Work. Health care. Respect. Peace.

I am sending Raniero a check......and Barack.


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Salut Michel le Maquisard, Re. "Some girl got fired today for telling the Scots that 'Hillary is a monster!'": one can go to Samantha Power-Wikipedia for basic info and good links. And thank you for continuing to not suffer fools gladly , for unique travelogs (including state of the art urinals), for keeping politics on the table along with fabulous food, ETC.,ETC. beyond space allotted here (or reader patience). Amities et bisous, Fifi et al

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