Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The World Votes.....

Because I am a dumbass.....I can't figure out how to copy these two files from the Economist.

Thursday October 9th 2008

If you are not familiar with The is a super-conservative weekly magazine out of England....full on supporters of globalization, etc. You find The Economist on Clay Larson's desk......President of our local bank.

And.....I want to point out that our bank......First National.....will still be going strong when everyone else is playing around with Monopoly money by the campfire in the canyon behind Whole Foods.

You find The Economist in the office of your stockbroker.....if he or she has her shit together. It ain't teacher subscription runs $120 a year.....

The wise men and women at The Economist have created an world-wide electoral college to track the American Election of 2008. They have invited their readers......among the most conservative folk on the planet.....and folk with their hands, livelihoods and lives involved in business and finance.....

Here is the World Map.......

Here is the table of results.

I wish I could get the graphics and save you the trouble......

The whole world is Blue for Obama.

Except Georgia.

"We are all Georgians!" John McCain, Aug 2008.

The margins are not even close. Based on the voting of the banking, business and finance world, and taking in to account does the US Electoral College......

Barack Obama 8,489 World Electoral College Votes.
John McCain 16 World Electoral College Votes.

England went 87%-13% for Obama. France was 91-9. Vietnam was 89-11. Bahrain, Jordan, Mozambique and Mauritius were 100%.

In 2004, the Republicans spun the fact that John Kerry could speak French into a negative. Freedom Fries with your burger. Freedom Toast for breakfast.

Really, if America fucks up this means that we have as a nation turned our backs on the Eisenhower/Kennedy model of leading the world in science, medicine, literature, and maybe the arts.....and have devolved into a howling mob of nigger-hating Bud-Lite drinkers who can no longer afford to buy the hamburgers we flip for each other down at the Burger King.

The conservative goal of wrecking education will have been achieved. By destroying the ability of Americans to think critically at an early age.......the place will be wide open for financial rape and pillage. As if it is not already.

Your recourse in that event?

I really like the Thompson. Semi-auto, but cheap .45 caliber ammo. Iron sights, so good in the woods..... or a crowd, of.....say dumbass patriotic NASCAR fans swarming Laguna Seca to enforce the new McCain/Palin edict against ever turning right in a car race.

Heavy.....but compact. The paratroopers at D-Day jumped with them. Surprisingly accurate out to 200 yards. Legal 20 round clip.

And best of harks back to Warren G. Harding and Prohibition......

The last time Americans were dumb enough to let the Republicans fuck up our lives for real.


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