Saturday, April 11, 2009

Untwist Our Organic Panties.....

I finally finished reading all of HR875.....the Food Safety Act. All 118 pages.

Jesus. Like drilling holes in your own head with a slow-speed drill. Way better than NyQuil for knocking you out, though. Food Soporific Act is more like it.

All the fuss turns out to be bullshit. Restaurants are specifically exempted.....and to qualify as a food production facility you need to be in interstate commerce, or a slaughterhouse. There is no mention of organic anything anything.

Oh.....and Rep DeLauro (the chief sponsor of the bill) has no connection to Monsanto. Her husband never worked for them or even any trade organizations that Monsanto is involved in. DeLauro is actually a steady critic of big, consolodated agri-business....and the parts of the Farm Bill that subsidize and support them.

So.....I got scammed. Urban myth. Proving once again that the internet and blogs are great and fun.....but they are not the New York Times.


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