Saturday, November 04, 2006

I am scared....

Watching all the polls on ......I am scared. There is WAY to much self-congratulating going on with the Democrats.

Many, many of the ''sure thing'' margins for the Democrats are slowly fading away.

I mean, Conrad Burns, for chrissakes. An obviously incompetent, corrupt, muddle-headed, malaprop-spouting fuddy-duddy is creeping back to a virtual tie in Montana. This is a guy who berated volunteer firefighters who flew in last summer from Virginia to help out. Who gets away with dissing firefighters? This guy makes George Allen look like Winston Churchill......These Montana people must have a death wish.

And don't even talk to me about Richard Pombo from right here in Stockton.....This guy wanted to sell off the National Parks, took tons of money from Abramoff, and people still vote for him?

I fear America is like the abused spouse. Poor white and middle class Americans have already voted twice in a row against their own best interests.

You live in a trailer and you are in favor of tax cuts for billionaires? You think the ten gallons of gas it takes to get to town to look for work in your fifteen year old pickup ought to cost ten times the production price? Oh, and tax breaks and subsidies for the oil companies on top of that? Spend every two days in Iraq the entire YEARLY federal financial support for the school lunch program for every American child?

Makes sense to me.

They have been openly mocked, beaten, stolen from, cheated and lied to by their political heroes. Even Jesus lied to them.....(Grant Risdon was right: they really ARE Crystal Methodists! (And thank you very much, Mike Jones for being a gay, meth-head hooker. As if the rapper wasn't bad enough. At least this Mike Jones hasn't made any CD's people can send me.....Yet!)).

Finally, though...... the American Slobs seemed to be mustering the courage to end the the cops, get some help and put their lives back together. Throw the bums out!

But, when the cops actually show up with the handcuffs, with the paramedics and the social worker......Stockholm Syndrome takes over: "Oh, no....dear is wasn't THAT bad. He didn't mean it. It was really my fault. I tripped and fell down the stairs.....Really. I love you! I hate you! Don't leave me!"

The Fear Message of the Republicans has become endemic and visceral. It is Stockholm Syndrome.

So, please vote. Call your friends and co-workers and just make sure they actually vote. God forbid you should have the time to do the GOTV thing......That would be nice, in some other world.

Don't count the chickens before they are hatched.....

And, speaking of the hatching:

Our voting machines were delivered on Friday afternoon to The Store. They hung out for Locals Dinner on Friday and played pool with the Mexicans, as they are doing tonite. Tomorrow they will have brunch, and then Brendan and I are taking them to town to the Rio Grill for sandwiches and champagne. Of course, they will be there for Monday Night dinner. This is Cachagua, not Oakland or Sacramento or Brooklyn, or Columbus......Even though every resident of our trailer parks probably has a mini-bar key on their key chain left over from the honeymoon in Vegas, there is probably not enough computer expertise to run an Apple IIE. The vote is safe.......In Cachagua, anyway. Picture my voting machines loose at UC Santa Cruz for five days.......Banana Slugs for Governor!

But, really. Five days alone with the voting machines, a mini-bar key, a USB cable and the code.........If Grant Risdon appears as a contender for Governor on Wednesday, you will know why.


Blogger AllesK said...

I was sure the high poll numbers could be attributed to another nefarious Rovian plot. Who'da thunk it?
-Presumptious Bride

1:32 PM  

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