Tuesday, November 14, 2006

More salmon......Boycott Whole Foods

How lazy is this? Just post a website, and call it a post.


Basically.....Whole Foods has come up with a farm salmon program that solves the needs of its consumers (heavy metals, PCB's, guilt) without solving the problems that farm salmon bring to the ecosystem (tons of turds, parasites, etc), fishermen......oh, and the fish. "We like the Atlantic salmon, because they are big, dumb and slow. They just sit there and eat."

Did I mention that there are no more WILD Atlantic salmon? Like wild cows, or wild pomeranians....only in pens, or escaped.

They do not sell the stuff in Washington and Oregon, cuz no one will buy it. Guess what? They don't sell it here, either......for the same reasons.

BUT: They sure BUY it! And it goes in the back door........ Just like parsing Bill Clinton's blowjob.....A quick look at the fish counter shows half a dozen different varieties of wild salmon: frozen, Scottish, King, Coho, etc. A more careful observer at their fish counter will discover salmon products (salmon cakes, salmon roll, stuffed salmon) that do not explicitly say anything but just "Salmon", snuggled in next to its wild brethren . Even this policy is new since my discovery of their farm fish deliveries and subsequent screaming at management.

Hiding their farm fish purchases.....and their financing of the 15 million pound per year farm......says all you need to know about Whole Foods.

And now are you gonna trust their olive oil? Or those $5 per pound tomatoes?

Not me.

I repeat: Fuck Whole Foods for lying about their products and cynically helping to destroy the ecosphere every bit as much as Wal-Mart........

Noel suggests a new anagram: White Over-educated Lame Egocentric Ferociously Obnoxious Overfed Deluded Snobs


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