Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A real restaurant guy......

came to the Cachagua Store last night. He has multiple shops, and a bar.....that are well run enough that he can go away for weeks and everything still runs fine.

We were looking forward to his visit.....The Real World's take on our little Store: the place, the food, the prices, the wine, the staff, the music.....

First words out of his mouth, looking at Rachelle the busgirl: "Why do you let that bitch chew gum?"

Uh oh. What would he have thought if he had seen Rachelle set Matt Millae's hair on fire on his birthday? Or her cigarette-birthday-candle deal? Maybe not a great match.

Anyway, my staff replies to the restaurant guy:

"Well, you just exposed the fact that you really are THAT shallow and you lack imagination.

It wasn't long ago that this location was (and still is) the most irreverent place on the Peninsula. Bikers and other illustrious locals and tourists would put up roadblocks to keep the cops away so they could party without limits. And it worked! (Note the bullet holes in the ceiling.....we just re-roofed the place).

They would pour bleach on the floors to have drag races to the other end of the room, or ride Harleys up the sycamore tree out front. Horses were always welcome......but gays were not. Go figure.

Gays are now welcome......and the horses......though our business model has evolved out of the essence of the place. While we welcome the white, moneyed Peninsulites who dare to make the drive.....we won't kiss anyone's ass, nor will we indulge in any of the usual airs put on in most restaurants. The service is simple, the decor non-existent. This is, however, reflected in the low prices.

Whining, complaining Carmelites are not welcome.....and are quickly told: "You don't like it...go to the other Cachagua restaurant. NOW! You don't want the chef to come out here......"

So, to answer your question, sir: YOU DON'T GET THE JOKE!

So, go back to L.A. and enjoy your eat-by-numbers meal at Citrus or Pinot......

And, have a nice day....."