Friday, December 01, 2006

A brief word from Our Sponsor.....ExxonMobil

We have started showing movies on Friday nights at The Store......mostly progressive documentaries like the WalMart movie and Iraq For Sale, but some fun stuff as well.

We have been looking forward to showing Al Gore's movie ''An Inconvenient Truth." I went to the Brave New Films website to buy a copy. They suggest that you buy two copies and give one to a I did.

When they arrived I called up and offered a copy to Craig Hohenberger, the director of the Whole Earth project at Carmel Middle School. They have an organic garden, a science center, even a wood fired pizza oven. Very hands on, a la Alice Waters.

Anyway, Craig was thrilled to get the film. And he was uncharacteristically fired up.....incensed, actually. And not at me, for a change.

It turns out that one of the producers of the film, Laurie David.....wife of the comedy guy from HBO, Larry.....arranged for 50,000 extra copies to be distributed to schools nationwide.

The National Science Teachers Association refused the donation. A little poking around revealed that the NSTA's major sponsor, ExxonMobil......objected and threatened to pull funding.

More links and info soon.......

Le plus ca change, le plus ca change pas.........


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