Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Correction and apology...

PIO Dixon is not with CalFire....which I should have figured out since they are the good guys. The prick is a public information officer with Kern County.

Today there is backfiring in the Anastasia Canyon area and along Blue Rock Ridge by Los Padres. They have been trying to get that area to light for days now, and our weirdly muggy, East Coast summer weather has not been cooperating.

So.....lots of smoke is a good thing.

Here is the latest MODUS image. Lambert Flats road is along the bottom of the image. The open space is the flats by the Nason Ranch.....currently full of probably 100 engines. The big cut that was done first was done along the line just above Lambert can see the line they followed. The new line runs above.....I will get the skinny from the dozer guys later today.

Here is the other fork of the fire. You can see the line holding, with the slight slopover. The new red dots possibly reflect the continuing efforts to get unburned areas to burn. And, the good news that there is little fire progression down Pine Valley.

Hennickson's Ridge Runners are back in business in a few hours. Call in your orders!


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