Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Gulag......update

We finally almost had a day off.....well, a two hour nap, and time for a walk, anyway. The typical gorgeous summer day returned from under the smoke and shock-and-awe. The air at sunset was were the hills out towards Mount Toro. California Gold. Ignore the crackling underfoot of the still tinder-dry golden flora.

The air was clear. Deep breaths were possible.....though cautiously explored.


On the forgiveness and recovery front......Toddie was a representative of Cachagua at the Big Sur music scene on Saturday. He was hanging out for a while on his own when someone came up and introduced himself.

"Nice to meet you. I am Todd Springs."

"No......not THE Toddie Springs? From Cachagua?"

"Uhhhh. Yeah." Flashes of the infamous Pine Cone article no doubt entering Toddie's vision.

"Wow.....I am so proud to meet you. You have a lot of friends in Big Sur. We like what you did, getting through the blockade."

A love-fest followed. A hundred dinner......lots of offers of beers, which Todd declined as a current non-drinker. Job offers even.

My favorite part of the story was the look on Todd's face as he told it. It was as if a cloud or a burden had been lifted. That whole possible deep breathing thing I was experiencing earlier today.

I started off this little adventure with no great love for Toddie. He knocked the $700 mirror off my Jaguar last year......didn't pay for it, and even fought the insurance claim. Fuck him, anyway.

But, this is the new Todd. Anger management classes. Employment. Sobriety. Calm.

Whatever motives the many nay-sayers gave to Todd for helping out with the relief runs.....I think he approached it from the standpoint of a genuine community spirit and perhaps even some contrition. It was nice to see him get some recognition in Big Sur......and there were more than a few thank you notes posted at The Store as well.

I am sure there are folks that say: "Yeah, well......check with me in five years....." I understand, but a journey of a thousand miles still must start with a single step.

On other fronts......and backs:

The shirts are in process.

The un-named local public safety organization that started this particular ball rolling wants the shirts to resemble theirs......but have no direct connection. Funds raised will go to the un-named local public safety agency.

The logo on the front will say "Cachagua Gulag"....instead of.....say "Cachagua Fire".

The delightful Resident Pass will be printed on the back in the ever so flattering lemon yellow of the original.

I was going to change all the wording to be more Cachagua appropriate: "No, those are really tomato plants in my yard......" or "Of course I am a resident, that is why I have this open container......." or "Watch out for: Pregnant pit bulls, dropped mufflers...."

But, as semi-savant says: "Just get the fucking thing done....."

It kills me not to change "Drive slow" to the actual English of "Drive slowly".......that whole adverb describing the verb thing, not a goddamned adjective......which even the ESL students at The Store on Sundays have a grip on.

Also......Fire Retardent? This must be an official Monterey County Sheriff version of fire retardant......perhaps a substance that leads to retarded public safety decisions during a fire incident. turns out my use of Kurt Cobain as an alter ego was really bad, according to The Pass. That kind of behavior IS PROHITBITED!

Prohitbiting probably involves pregnant pit bulls.......


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Blogger Mike said...

hmmmm, you must have cut off the portion of the permit that reads EVERYTHING NOT FORBIDDEN IS COMPULSORY.*

Mike C. (late of Hitchcock Cnyn.)

(*T. H. White, The Once and Future King)

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