Thursday, March 12, 2009

Strange Days....

Brendan drove down to LA today to buy some mahogany doors for his house. Fifty bucks.....the bittersweet side of the recession.

The kid he bought the doors from....well a kid of 28, like hustling working three Brendan.

Door Guy's great-grandmother moved from Italy to Monterey back in the 20's. She worked in the canneries in Monterey.

The family still has a fishing boat.

Brendan's great-grandfather moved to LA from Ireland, and worked as a ship's carpenter for the canneries in San Pedro and Terminal Island. Brendan's great-grandmother moved from Ireland to Los Angeles, and became a teacher and later the the first woman principal of a school in LA County.

Our family still has books.

The Door Guy lives across the street from White Point School in San Pedro.....where Brendan's great-grandmother taught for 30 years.....

I think that was a good business deal for the boys.....and I am sure there is a lesson there.

Door Guy is coming up for Monday Night Dinner.


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