Saturday, June 20, 2009

Letter from a Bride.....

Dear Mike:

Danny and I would like to be a part of your memorial event on the beach from here on out..Danny is former military and his father served in Vietnam. In fact, great story. People always ask if Dannys legal name is Daniel when it is actually Danny Brian Christensen on his birth certificate. His father, Gary was a newlywed with his first son on the way. Gary had just been accepted on a golf scholarship to some prestigious school and was expected to be a professional golfer. However, when his two best friends signed up to go to vietnam he immediately did the same. He told his young wife that he was the strongest of the three and someone had to watch out for them. Danny and Brian never made it back. In fact they were gone before his son was born and thus his name.

Gary was far less than an ideal father when he returned to war. In fact, Danny never really got a chance to be close to him until he was diagnosed with terminal cancer last year. When he passed last November, Dannys mother wrote him a letter it said " I only wish you could have known your father before the war, it changed him. It may not have taken his life, but it stole his soul... please forgive him".

Nuff said.


Blogger Pexster said...

Not nice to make me cry so early on a Sunday morning, but thanks for sharing . . .

7:18 AM  
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