Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Crosses.....

This is what part of 5,000 stakes for the crosses looks like. All 5,000 were painted by eight Marines and DJ in two days. On their days off.


From one of my soccer absolutely fearless goalkeeper.

That is silly.....all goalkeepers are absolutely fearless.

"Hey Michael hope all is well. Bless your work for monday and was wondering if I could help. Its the least I could do for all the lives lost that I feel personally for all them. I want to do something that well help me console this part of my heart. I was wondering I could come down Sunday so I could be up and ready Monday.


Any questions?


Blogger Michelle said...

I mean, what the FUCK?!
Why is this all still happening, an issue?
The need for this message is beyond me.
Ignorance is predominant in the populace - I suppose.
G'day from Oz, and see ya soon.
Have you found a tutor?

12:18 AM  

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