Wednesday, April 08, 2020

8 April menu

Menu 8 April
Boeuf Bourguignon $12 a quart
Moroccan Lamb stew $12/quart                (gluten free) (After 4pm)
Chile Verde $10/quart (mild, gluten free)
Roast half rosemary/garlic organic Mary’s chicken $6 (After 4pm or Thursday)
Roast cashew crusted pork loin…..$10 for eight inch section approx. 2# (After 4pm)
Chicken, cream, chanterelles, carrots, Calvados $6 per serving
Chicken mole. Moh---lay, not moles. Hecho in casa. $4
Braised lamb shank $8 per servin
Braised Wilson Ranch beef osso bucco $10 per serving
OraKing fresh salmon $16 per pound. Nobu marinade if you want.
Localish black cod $18 per pound (four ounces is a serving. Nobu marinade.
Cioppino $12 per quart
Amanda’s simple chicken soup (large pieces) $6 per quart
Three mushroom chowder (cream) $8 per quart
Amanda’s cold smoked salmon $10 for 200 grams (a lot) Limited. More on Thursday.
Cheese and macaroni (Lokal style) $4 per serving
Amanda’s kale salad with her amazing sesame dressing $5
Mesquite grilled Black Angus tritip $25
Breakfast pack: 1# 88% butter, 1 dz Linda Ferrasci local eggs, half pound local chanterelles $20
Sides: black beans, brown basmati rice, wild rice, butter roasted Yukon gold potatoes, soba noodles, organic broccoli $1 each.
To order please text 831-659-5100
Delivery is possible
Pick up 69 West Carmel Valley Road, Massa tasting room


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