Thursday, April 23, 2020

Cachagua Fun/Fundraiser

Ad hoc fundraiser for Cachagua Fire.
Fun raiser.
Laurie Massa has some 2016 Cabernet from the Soberanes Fire (I am wearing the t-shirt).
I really like the wine, including it's smoky hints.
Rich Tanguay was the only local winemaker with the balls to make a wine that year.
In Sonoma in fire years, the vineyards get together and give the fruit they would normally toss or not even pick and one of them makes wine. The proceeds go to the fire guys on a separate label, and the fire guys take in serious money.
I proposed this, and nobody wanted to play, for fear that word would get out that their grapes were involved and it would damage their "brand".
Well, bullshit. I really like the '16 Heller Cab.
So, we are offering a smoky thing this weekend:
Mesquite grilled Black Angus tritip (about three pounds), half a pound of Amanda's smoked salmon, and a bottle of the '16 Cab.....$50.
Or...A pound of tritip or half mesquite grilled Mary's chicken, quarter pound of smoked salmon, bottle of wine....$35
Cachagua Fire gets a cut, and are happy to deliver to you, giving you the opportunity to leave a nice tip. You can also pick up here at Massa Estate. (This whole thing is Laurie Massa's idea).
I won't go on about first responders, and how much we owe them....if you don't get that we shouldn't even be "friends"
It would be nice to know if you are interested on short notice.
Text to 831-659-5100