Friday, May 29, 2020


Because our jealous neighbors have pushed the issue, we are no longer allowed to publish our menus on-line.

We have never been a public place....we don't deal well with the general public. That's why we thrived at the General Store...the road deleted all the assholes. "It's too far.....It takes too long....The music is too loud....The waitresses are too young and too rude....They don't accommodate special diets....There were dogs/peacocks/roosters in the restaurant...."

All of that is true.
Dogs. Peacocks. Young badass girls, possibly already bitter about life. Slow service from the kitchen. Zero concern for "special" diets.

All of that is still true.

If you want to somehow participate further, text me your email at 831-659-5100.

This site will return to caustic, inappropriate commentary on food in our "modern" world.


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