Friday, February 05, 2021

Menu for 5-7 February

Sunshine! I forgot what it is like!
It looks like a couple of days of sun, so we will be serving in our garden on Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday we get Rick Chelew back for the afternoon from 1-4.
We are back in the kitchen, and for pickup and delivery.
Give us some notice....but it is OK to just call up and see what we have.
We are happy to deliver anywhere in the Village....even just a quart of soup or an order of brussels sprouts. The lockdown is suspended for now, but it is still wise to stay at home whenever you can.
We have super fresh salmon, black cod, rockfish and gorgeous ahi tuna, as well as 1 3/4-2 1/2 pound Wagyu sirloin roasts from Mishima Ranch in SLO
Famous Fandangos: asiago/scallion bruschette $6
Han Kook Market Kim Bap (vegan sushi roll) $4 Paul Bocuse pumpkin soup: pumpkin, cream, Schoch Junipero cheese $10 per quart

Pinnacle Farm beets as traditional borscht with Schoch raw yoghurt, hot or cold $10 qt
Avoglemono: traditional Greek soup of chicken,lemon, rice and egg $8

Amanda's citrus/yoghurt salad (Brokaw farm organic cara cara and navel oranges, oro blanco grapefruit, Schoch raw yoghurt) $8 per pin. Sounds odd....really delicious.
Massa Estate cheese platter: Schoch Farmstead cheeses, Pt Reyes blue, Laura Chenel chevre; our cherry membrillo, Borba Farm beet gelee, lactic fermented carrots, red onion/black pepper compote, pineapple/fennel/rosemary relish $10

Wilson Ranch pork belly with Juan’s Korean pancakes and spicy cuttlefish noodles $10
Brent Carlson style roasted Wagyu beef bones with capers, parsley and mushrooms $7 (kit for town, a la minute for the Village)
Steve deBruin fried quail with wild mushroom risotto cake with sage and sake butter $12
Roasted Borba Farm brussels sprouts with Nueske bacon and Han Kook Market kim chee $10

Cachagua Store roasted baby beets salad with coconut chevre and balsamic reduction $10
Cachagua Store Pear Salad with yuzu dressing, parsnip chips and Pt. Reyes blue cheese $9
Roast Borba Farm cauliflower with Schoch Junipero cheese and Muia EVOO $9
Roast baby pumpkin Paul Bocuse (stuffed with Schoch cheese and cream) $12

Amanda's amazing kale salad with mushroom risotto cake $7

Gorgeous ahi: Hawaiian-style poke with soba, seaweed salad and spicy cuttlefish noodles $10
Amanda’s cold smoked North Coast salmon with capers and onions $12
Ceviche of super fresh local sea bass (Bear’s limes, Meyer lemon, cara cara orange $12

Mesquite grilled Mishima Ranch Wagyu sirloin with wild rice, roasted Yukon gold potatoes and Borba Farm green beans $18

Grilled Monterey Bay rockfish or OraKing salmon with wild rice, etc with tomato beurre blanc $12
Black pepper crusted local black cod with Nobu teriyaki balsamic dressing $12 Nobu style miso marinated local rockfish with seaweed salad, soba noodles, spicy cuttlefish and Borba Farm green beans $12
Double duck: confit of Grimaud Farm Muscovy duck leg and sliced grilled breast. With wild rice and cassoulet $16
Bugialli style Steve deBruin rabbit ragout with bucatini $14
Roast Mary's half chicken with Lokal style scalloped potatoes and green beans $12
Carl Muia olive oil cake with Valrhona white chocolate crema inglese $5
Mesquite grilled whole Mishima Ranch Wagyu sirloin (approx 1.5-2.5# ea) $16 per pound
Half garlic/rosemary roasted chicken $7
OraKing fresh salmon $18 per pound)
Amanda's kale dressing $6.50 for 8oz
Muia EVOO $12 for 250ml
Nueske bacon $11 per pound
Melinda Friday eggs
Corralitos sausages (coarse grind kobasica, andouille, linguica, German) $3 each

Ceviche, pear salad, cheese platter, beet salad, pork belly served on our platters. Best for orders in the Village or close.
Text orders to 831-659-5100
Free delivery in Carmel Valley Village


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