Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Official Word.

From Kathleen Good, at the Forest Service:

Our information is still limited, but this is what we know:

The Chalk Fire started at approximately 7:30 p.m Saturday, September 27 in
the upper Mill Creek drainage area of Los Padres National Forest in
Monterey County. The fire is about 22 miles southwest of King City and
about 2 miles east of Highway 1. It is primarily south of Nacimiento
Fergusson Road which connects Fort Hunter Liggett to Highway 1.

The fire has burned approximately 800-900 acres in oak and brush in steep,
rugged terrain. There is very little to no wind on the fire and it is
primarily slope and fuel-driven.

Earlier this afternoon the fire reached and crossed to the north side of
Nacimiento Fergusson Road; it is also on both the west and east sides of
South Coast Ridge Road.

Residents of three parcels of private land within the national forest in
the Prewitt Ridge, Alms Ridge and Mill Creek areas, were advised to
evacuate earlier today. The fire is approximately 2 miles from the nearest

All National Forest campgrounds along the Nacimiento-Fergusson Road, South
Coast Ridge Road and Prewitt Ridge, have been evacuated.

An Evacuation Advisory has been issued for residents along Highway 1 in the
Limekiln, Hermitage and Harlan Property areas. This advisory is a
precautionary notice that people in these areas should be prepared to
evacuate if an evacuation order is issued.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Road closures: Nacimiento Fergusson Road is closed at Highway 1 on the west
side and at the national forest boundary on the east side. South Coast
Ridge Road is closed at Nacimiento Fergusson Road and Highway 1 at Plaskett
Creek. Highway 1 is open.

Me to Kathleen Good:Thanks for the update.

I will post it forthwith.

Forgive us for being extremely grumpy about USFS info after our local experiences with the Basin Fire.

Tulare County PIO's supported by clueless FS guys trumping real FS guys with local knowlege, trumping local fire folk with actual, real information and accurate place names. All of it crapped all over by our local Sheriff. Especially when it comes to evac orders.

Are you Justin's mom? Sorry, there are a lot of "Good's" many as "Jones's".

Sorry.....long time local.



Blogger pendoodles said...

Thanks for the tech info on the fire Michael.

7:55 AM  
Blogger Kathleen said...

Mike, FWIW, the "X" on the topo has been confirmed by the USFS as the suspected point of origin, near what used to be called Apple Camp. The topo puts "Apple Camp" by the pond, which had a politically incorrect name ?? (Slime Pond) and was renamed.

Secondary dozer line going in off of my place, down Home Ridge. Lets out just south of PV Station.

12:16 PM  

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