Sunday, November 02, 2008

Giggly Piltdown Princess Out of Pre-history

The obvious subtext that all of us normal humans choose to ignore behind the Yes On 8 people is.....hatred of gay people.

I am sorry. Without a detailed scientific analysis to support my bland assumptions....I will still tell you that in my experience the smartest, most creative, and most ironic people I have known have all been gay. OK......I am a dummy. Or lesbian.

It is inconceivable that we should ban these folks from equal civil rights the rest of us enjoy. I mean, really......few of them would actually fall in line with our hetero-sexual foolishness....but those folks should be welcomed with open arms.

I will expand this post later in crazy ways.....Candy Darling. Jacque Kennedy's interior decorator for the White House who was a decorated Marine colonel from Korea.....The chief counsel to the House UnAmerican Activities Committee.....

Check out Gore Vidal......

His grandpops was the original Gore.....Senator from Oklahoma. Gore V. is cousin to Al. Gore Vidal is the signal best historical biographer of the last century: Burr, 1860, etc.

Gore V actually had a fist-fight on national TV with William Buckley....and Norman Mailer.

Gore is a gay man with a house in Rapallo in Italy.....and a place on Long Island.

Check out his comments on our current situation......and later explain to me why this man should not be allowed to commit financial suicide by marrying the mate of his choice in California.

Giggly Piltdown Princess out of Pre-history.....Priceless.

Mayor....or was it Mare of Wasilla.

God love gay people.....Why should we want to fuck with them?

(Those of you who were confused by the modus ponens thing....look up Piltdown Man on the internet. A fraudulent pre-historic giant in the English country-side.


Blogger Unknown said...

I am really sad and MAD that prop 8 passed. I think it takes us a step backwards. Obama does not support gay marriage

7:51 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

You might check out the stock market and the Governors proposals to balance California's budget..and the Euro v dollar
All Hail Caesar..

12:13 PM  

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