Sunday, November 23, 2008

Phil Gramm is Adolf Hitler.....

And his wife Wendy is Eva Braun.

Consider this a place-holder for a Tuesday post......

I was reading today about the war crimes trials at The Hague, and the various Crimes Against Humanity being prosecuted there. Specifically about Ramush Haradinaj, the Prime Minister of the newest country of Kosovo, who was a KLA freedom fighter ten years ago when shit got ugly in the face of Serbian ethnic cleansing.

He was exonerated at The Hague.

My thoughts turned to Woody Guthrie: "Some will rob you with a shotgun....and some with a fountain pen......"

The Commodities rule that Phil Gramm jammed through Congress in 2000 not only spiked your gas prices all summer for no reason other than market manipulation.....has done the same thing for food prices.

While gas prices directly effect lots of stuff in the third world, it has a less dramatic effect on actually removing food from people's mouths than corn prices.

Like oil prices, corn prices have dropped by half. The processors....faced with financial panic everywhere around them, and completely insulated from market pressure by their near total monopoly on marketing and distribution.....are enjoying double digit growths in income and profits.

Costs have fallen.....prices have not. Little people are starving. Medium people are diverting funds from health care, education, etc. while profits rise.

In a true free-market, global economy higher prices would have been transferred to the producers...and/or lower commodity costs would have been transferred to the consumers.

Not so. The few specially placed shipper/broker companies are raking it in protected by sweetheart deals with all the various governments.

Have a nice day, Phil Gramm.

I look forward to the day when your ass is dragged to The Hague to answer for your Crimes Against Humanity.....

In a Just World....this could happen.

And I hope that on that day there is a baller like Ramush Haradinaj around to jam a shotgun up your ass and blow your fountain pen to kingdom come.


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