Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanks..... Without Giving......

1) From TMZ.

Papparazzi accosting Tommy Chong in LA:

"What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving, Mr. Chong?"

"I am just grateful that I got my Cheech back. California is a lonely place without your Mexican......." shit, Hermano.......

2) My friend Gary, who sold us our Tassajara Nissan work truck......after he had thrashed the living shit out of it......has an issue or two.

We love the Nissan. Gary gave us an extra motor, which we loaded in the bed when we picked it up in Upper Jamesburg. Gary and Morgan live "That Way" past the "This Way...That Way" sign.....or maybe it is "This Way".

The Nissan has whiskey dents all over it. We used Vice-Grips for door handles for a we just Dukes of Hazzard it through the windows and get over the whole "door" thing.

Tassajara lusts after my Nissan. Functional. Simple. Small. Cheap.

Back off, and fuck off, you monks!

When I drove the Nissan to town to get smogged, after giving Gary $500 to transfer title. The thing jumped all over the road and scared the living shit out of me.

At Pacific Smog there were issues about the smog check. The guy was bummed that the Nissan was struggling to pass.

I said, "No worries! We have a backup engine in the bed! One of them must be able to pass....."

There were so many holes in the exhaust that the computer could not deal. Finally the Smog Guy found one hole that would allow us to pass and we were on our way.

Off to Skip's to see about the whole inablility-to-steer thing. Turns out there was one small bolt holding the entire front end of the Nissan together. We fixed all that up. I bought some new shocks, just in case.

When we got home, we looked closer at the suspension. It was maxed out. Hmmmm.

We removed the extra engine Gary gave us. We removed the plastic bed....and found about a ton of the finest composted worm castings anyone has ever seen. A ton is 2,000 pounds.

The Nissan is a four-cylinder rated at a quarter ton.

My survival of the trip to town in the Nissan with one bolt holding the front end together in a truck with an extra engine and a ton of worm castings is proof that Jesus loves me.

Or blind-ass Irish luck.

Gary and Morgan are farmers up there on the Ridge above Jamesburg. Great veggies and herbs. Something about them and their little farm caused the Monterey County Sheriff to drive up their driveway five times during the fires last summer.......and believe me, I could barely find their place with love in my heart and good directions.

Today at The Store, Amanda had her best day ever. All the nice....well, nice to us....people came in. The sense of Community was raging.......Hollywood people came and fell in love with Dave and Pablo and Grant and our 50 chickens.......Bailey learned how to scan and bag her Sunday ice creams.....Jeff and Alice came in with their daughter and had "the best breakfast ever in the history of breakfasts".

At one point Peyton and Pauline came in. Amanda insisted that they all go out and sit in the sun.

Sweet, warm, peaceful, wonderful.

Gary came in for propane from the mountain.......

After he left, Pauline told a little story......

"You know, Gary has had a migraine since Vietnam......"

What the fuck?

"No, he has been through it all: operations, shrinks, accupuncture, massage, drugs........Gary has had a really bad headache for since 1968."

"What worked best for him was a Pain Management class he took. He uses meditation to try to make the pain part of his life, and not a thing apart."

"Gary has a box of files of stuff that happened back then that he doesn't let anyone see........ I think his headaches come from the box."

Reality crew are susceptible to migraines. I just re-upped our Imitrex scrip at $240 for eight tabs. We have Lutecia, the world's best massage therapist, on stand-by to eliminate any passing head throb.....

Gary has had a headache for forty years......and is the sweetest, most calm, nicest guy one could ever meet.....

It is de rigeur to thank our veterans for their service......These thanks are piling up.

This is thanks for their service.....

Who thanks them for what is in the box?

And what is in the box for the new......million kids coming back.

Lots a boxes.

Thanks, you guys.

Buy stock in Imitrex.


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