Saturday, September 11, 2021

That Day Again

Hey, folks. Thanks for your patronage with our wild, dysfunctional world these last 18 months. Thank you for your understanding and support. I am increasingly not in love with Facebook, and this blog has been traditionally an actual blog. If you want to read fun (if dated) rants about food, back before 2020. We are returning to blog/opinion/rant mode on this page. For food/menu information please go to We are not getting younger, and like every restaurant everywhere in the world, have no staff to help. Please don't be mad if we can't transform ourselves into those insane guys we used to be. Right now we are me, Amanda, Brendan (thank you, Jesus) and Alex (thank you, Buddha). That's it. We are open on Saturday and Sunday from 10:30-4 in the garden. Reservations are important, if you can be that guy. If you just see the flag out, and have a wild brunch hair....please pull in and check us out. All things are possible, even at the drop of a hat with weird demands. That is why we are still here. For the fun, and y'all are the fun. Still, we are also happy (we are caterers!) to open during the week by arrangement for a dinner in the garden of any size (one diner is our minimum...but even that is open to discussion). Peace, Michael


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