Friday, October 22, 2021

What is fun.

We might whine a little bit at the prospect, but in the end our favorite favorite food service experience this past year or so has been....private dinner for two or four or six in the garden here at Massa.
It makes no economic sense...but no one still left in the restaurant world has economic sense as a driver of why they go to work each day.
I love small dinners because it is just me and a few guests. No menu, no pricing....we just work it out on the spot.
I get to cook what is super fresh....and easy (I am cook, waiter, busser, etc) and the interaction is direct between us all.
One of the worst things about our business is that all the chefs you know fret and worry coming up with menus that try to predict what all y'all might think about ordering.....two or three days hence.
It's a nightmare with no end.
In little dinners, we are all in control....guests and cooks.
As I said...there is no money in it....but there is a huge amount of satisfaction.
Enough to remind us all about why we actually go out to eat, and why we folks in the back actually work all day to make food to please people.


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