Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Where is the KY?

Not as in "Kentucky".

When being is so much better to have some lube.

And not so much sand in the mix.

If you want to have a greater appreciation for the Second Amendment....check out Matt Taibbi's latest rant in Rolling Stone. Or his previous rant.

You think you own your economy? You think you have power over your expenses, investments and finances?

You silly little bitch.

Read any of it, and you may find yourself perusing the subtle differences between Redfield, Bushnell, and Leupold.

Iran is not the only "democracy" that is being exposed as a farce these days.

75% of Americans want a public option for health insurance. More than half want single-payer health insurance. It probably won't happen.

Forget Goldman Sachs....let's talk insurance.

Strolling through my favorite Spain, one is struck by the urban office demographics. Lots of clothing stores and designers. Lots of furniture and homeware stores and designers. A crazy amount of restaurants. A truly crazy number of food stores and markets. A gratifying number of bars......

No doctors. No lawyers. No insurance companies.

They exist....but you have to search for them. Mostly, the pharmacist can hook you up.

Medical care is free. Well....not free, but paid for by the government from your paycheck.

In Donostia.....clothes are relatively cheap. Bars are crazy cheap. They have the best food in the world.....and it is also crazy cheap. Well, not cheap.....just not crazy expensive.

For me, the best part of life in Donostia is the fact that her people....young and old...have never had to worry about health. They think of other things, and put energy into other things.

Art. Food. Couture. Music. Surfing. There seem to be lots of babies on parade on Sex and Family. is me. I own two crappy businesses in the middle of California, all of us barely hanging on. Many of us on a first name basis with the nice man from the IRS. My workers, nearly to a man or woman.....have absolutely no health care insurance whatsoever. Most of them are young, and therefore just as bulletproof as Michael Jackson. Some of us are old and infirm......we expect and hope to die quickly in the traces......preferably at work.

Meanwhile, a major percentage of my monthly expenses is paid for health insurance. There are times when my workers are covered by seven different policies at once. None of it will help them with heart disease or diabetes....but they all will help if they get hurt on the job.

We have seven vehicles. We pay around $4,000 a year for insurance coverage to take care of anyone injured in a car driven by any of my people, or of my people injured in one of my cars or trucks. We pay liability insurance for our store, and product liability for our case someone is stabbed, burned or poisoned during their Store or catering experience. There is Worker's Comp......a stiff percentage of every dollar paid to case they are injured on the job in a way not covered by any of the above.

If one of my workers is on the job, and driving one of my cars, and stops to buy gas at Valero at Mid Valley.....this worker is covered by liability insurance held by the landlord, the business operator, and the auto coverage, the worker's comp, my liability, etc.

In the real world, this guy would also have private health insurance.....but the only worker who does is my son and chef. Since he is a typical 28 year old knucklehead with a penchant for motorcycles, travel to strange foreign countries with bizarre foods and loose women and losser hygene.......despite his monthly insurance payments....he pays a negotiated $800 a month to Community Hospital for past sins and injuries. This requires him to have two jobs....with two worker's comp policies, two liability insurances, multiple vehicle insurances, etc.

The last time I was in Community Hospital, there was expensive artwork on every wall, fountains, pools and schools of priceless koi......and my guy is paying half his income to these elitist pricks just to stay alive?

If we had a Donostia-style single-payer health plan, all these insurance policies would be thrown in the trash.....and the money at CHOMP would be spent on workers, not designer carp. Right off the bat, I would save $20,000 a year. I could charge less. My suppliers could charge less. My workers would have more money to spend in my community. I would have more money to spend in my community.

Oh.....and they would not have that great grey cloud of certain disability, poverty and death that poisons our social and creative life here in California.

Who would be the losers?

Insurance companies. Medical surgery farms.

Right now, the way our system works is that these companies make so much money that they can pay a tiny percentage of their profits and completely dominate our political process.

Think Joe Lieberman.

Think Diane Feinstein.

Oh.....there is one other member of our world with really good, affordable health care.

Xabi the Dog.

Twenty-eight bucks a month covers almost everything that can happen to a dog....even a crazy dog like Xabi.

Liz The Store Lady? Fifty something....worked her ass off her entire life....sweet, kind, loving, intelligent, subtle....a pillar of our little community? Has not been near a doctor in a decade.....and won't be anytime soon.

There is no money for it.....if she gets sick, she just dies.

She can admire the artwork, and the fucking she fades away leaving her daughter with tens of thousands of dollars worth of emergency care bills.

What a great country we have........And we bitch about Iran?


Blogger Lee said...

I've got my own health insurance mike, though over the last two years it has doubled and is only there as a stop-gap for disaster ($2000 deductible). I refuse to go to the doctor unless absolutely necessary for fear of any "pre-existing conditions" the insurance company might discover. Same reason why i'm skeptical of any genetic screens. I can hardly afford the coverage, but what good is it doing me and can I afford not to have it?

6:13 AM  
Blogger azazl said...

Couldnt have said it better myself. You know with 3 kids we pay 8K a year in premiums, not including the 5K deductable and the crap the insurance decides to have a fit of pique about and just not cover (like childhood vaccinations, or pain meds when my son broke his arm-WTF??) Just think of the college educations I could provide my kids with if I could save all that dough. It makes me resentful as hell to think about it.

1:55 PM  
Blogger azazl said...

oh yeah, and another thing the insurance wouldnt cover- the birth of my 3 kids at home with our local wonderful midwife, no matter that it cost less than a third of CHOMP and no surgery was involved. OUCH....pass the lube, my ass hurts!

10:18 PM  
Blogger fyregypsy said...

Stop fucking breeding. Your just making more stupid people who can't get over the stupid crap your inflicting on them. And you are sooooo much better than your parents!!!! Tell them that you love them.... Oh that's right your birthing the next god that is going to save us from ourselves. Admit it, your creating parasite. Get a dog if you need to be loved.

7:32 PM  
Blogger Wil said...

I couldn't agree more! I work for an international company and am amazed at surprise the employees have at the insurance prices when they get transferred to the USA. They all can't wait to get back to their home country. Yes they sometimes need to wait longer for appointments but this actually lets them avoid the "freak out" mode that most people have when they get a sniffle.

7:45 AM  

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