Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not Faded Love.....

Sorry, folks.

Just emerging from a two-week battle with the Resident Weevil. The bug that is.

As a Person Without Spleen...I do the flu-shot, decline random hand-shakes, etc. But, it gets you in the end.

I have a month of posts whirling around my brain, only slightly dented by a bunch of grams of real Sudafed. As many as Long's will give people from Cachagua with two forms of ID, because.......well, you know how we are.

In my first lucid moment in a month, let me just share this:

When I realized that I could see and think and process thoughts without fog and pain.....I reached for a very cold half bottle of Gruet to.....celebrate? It evaporated before it hit my palate.

Just before turning in tonight, I poured myself an additional teaspoon of a 1973 Bas Armangnac I keep in my bookshelf......the Police Procedural bookshelf (we have a lot of bookshelves......most double stacked).

Randi Rhodes was going off today about Auto Execs with bars in their offices, and how wrong that was.

Well, Randi......the teaspoon of 1973 Bas Armagnac really hit the a deductible sort of way. It did not rise to the level of the '62 over on the Irish bookshelf, grace a Carolynn; or the backstop '49 over in the poetry bookshelf, nestling in next to the Robert Frost tomes on an evening when our in-house temperature hovers around 59 degrees, despite two raging woodstoves.

I have been writing all night about unions and meatcutters.....more research necessary before posting. Stay tuned. As I fade to black and pour my teaspoon of Armagnac, I notice the wooden box holding the bottle is resting on top of a check.

A Screen Actors Guild check, by way of 20th Century Fox, for Amanda for her role in "Nine Months" with Hugh Grant, Julianne Moore, Robin Williams, etc. 1995.

Amanda was the Praying Mantis, if you missed the shoot.

$65.60 gross.......$39.72 net.

A note attached to the check:

"It takes an actor to understand an actor's struggle. Please consider donating small dollar amount residual checks directly to the the Screen Actors Guild Foundation and the funds will go to helping fellow actors in their retirement at the Screen Actors Guild Home........."

Of course, Amanda does this. She sends part of her $39 monthly check to the needy actors.

In the middle of an insanely hectic day with two parties......with no staff, since everyone has the flu..... I get in the van to drive to town to try to put out the fires.

There is a sticky note: "Please Do Not Disturb This Spider". Smiley face. Exclamation point. Hearts.

There is a spider web growing between the dash and the mirror of my twelve year old van with 250,000 miles that has sat quiet for the last two weeks of flu and inactivity in the midst of our National Depression.

It is perhaps not a coincidence that both SAG and I have been stalking Amanda since 1995.

I point out the sticky note to my co-pilot, Nike......who has been through a living hell in the last few weeks that will only be captured by a half dozen of the missing posts....

"Oh, yeah. We tried to figure out a way to protect the spider with tape and cardboard.....but we thought it would be hard for you to drive and see......Isn't it a beautiful web? Can you see it in the light?"

Meanwhile, we had to hire a lawyer for $300 an hour to stop the Sheriff from tapping the till at The Store for some random, wrong lawsuit for some random Michael Jones that may or may not be me.

I love you, Amanda. I love you, Nike.


Hence, my favorite quote of the last month......

Napoleon Bonaparte, echoed by Winston Churchill:

"If you win, you deserve Champagne.

If you lose, you need it."



Blogger Bennie Spiedel said...

The Weevel got me weeks ago and the little bastard did me in for three weeks. In the last week of of recovery I read a quotation taht went something like this.

There are things you can count that are completely worthless and there are things you cannot count that are of incomparable value.

The spider falls into the 2nd group.


8:20 AM  

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